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Faulty fuel pump, fuel pump relay or fuse, fuel filter, connectors or possibly even something else... who knows what without first checking?

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โˆ™ 2006-03-13 03:57:54
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Q: What are the all the possible causes for an 1985 Toyota le van electronic fuel injection not getting gas to the injectors and so not starting?
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How can lack of oil pressure prevent my 7.3 diesel from starting?

Simply put these engines use an injection system called HEUI or Hydraulically-actuated, Electronically-controlled Unit Injectors. These injectors require a high pressure oil pump to supply the injectors oil pressure to actuate the internal injector piston to push fuel into the system. No oil pressure, no fuel.

Does a car start if injectors are blocked with oil?

if you have engine oil in your fuel injectors then you have bigger problems then your car not starting..

Why does John Deere 4430 have hard starting?

Check for adequate fuel supply to injection pump check for clogged fuel filters kinked ro collapsed fuel and supply lines also return lines from injectors for blockage. And now for the biggy. Its possible that over time the injection pump has worn out. the engine must be timed to remove the pump correctly. while the pump is off have the injectors checked for opening pressure and spray pattern. I am telling you all of this under the assumption that the engine is mechanically sound ie compression and valve adjustment all could play a part. Good Luck!

What should you do if the fuel injectors are flooding on your 1987 Nissan Maxima and there are problems with starting?

The original fuel injectors on that model were recalled - did you ever have them replaced?

Would a faulty injector stop a BMW 3 series diesel from starting can it start on 3 injectors?

The 3 series BMW uses a common rail diesel injection system. This means a high pressure pump provides diesel to a common rail feeding all 4 injectors. If one injector goes down there can be insufficient pressure to start the car. The 3 series BMW uses a common rail diesel injection system. This means a high pressure pump provides diesel to a common rail feeding all 4 injectors. If one injector goes down there can be insufficient pressure to start the car.

What size injectors should you run with a 408 stroker?

It depends on the cam size, heads, and other factors. 60 to 80 pound injectors will be a good starting point.

What is keeping my regency 98 from starting i have sparkfuel is getting to the injectors but the engine will crank but wont start. the battery is good the starter is ok whats the blockage?

Check the MAP sensor, possible culprit.

How do you prevent fuel injection flooding?

You can prevent fuel injection flooding by not pumping the gas pedal when trying to start the engine. Fuel injection systems do not need any additional fuel when starting the engine.

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Does the f350 ford 460 engine have fuel injection?

Starting with the 1988 model it did

93 s10 with 2.8 throttle-body injection will not idle?

um if it will not idel but start but you have to keep giving it gas... unplug the injectors and try starting it while pumping the gas if it starts you have a leaking injector... if this does not work it could be a bad egr ... or Idel Air Control Valve.. IAC ? hope this helps

For newer cars is it necessary to press the gas to start it?

No. With electronic fuel injection on today's cars, the fuel system gets fully charged when you turn the ignition key to the on position. This is true whether you are starting a car parked overnight or one that has been run recently.

1986 Mercedes 190e It runs rough at idle and hard to start At cruising speed it rums pretty good What could be wrong new plugswireso2fuel filter already?

HI, The best thing to do is check the basic issues that could affect starting. You have already changed the plugs, wires and fuel filter. Have you cleaned the fuel injectors with a pint or two of commercial fuel injection cleaner? Dirty, clogged fuel injectors do not give a fine spray of fuel, preventing the engine from starting easily. When the engine is cold it will missfire and stumble. When it is warm it will run better with dirty injectors, but your fuel mileage will be poor. Also, consider a new air filter. Other, more expensive issues are replacements of fuel injectors, mass air flow sensor, and other sensors that measure and regulate the air/fuel mixture, etc. hope this helpsH

1999 dodge 2500 turbo diesel will not start?

does the engine turn over? if it does, do you have fuel delivery at injectors? has the non starting happened only since the very cold weather? if so, possible glow plug circuit fault or lack of compression!

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Why Car doesn't start right away and smeels like gas after starting?

Check fuel injectors & or fuel pump.

Suzuki xl-7 fuel injection problems?

Fuel injectors eventually wear out or get clogged. In these case, you need to?æreplace the fuel injector. Failure to change it can lead to bigger problems like poor fuel economy, hard starting, rough idle, and sometimes, having a fuel smell inside the vehicle.?æ

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Over the past few weeks my car has had issues starting right up. I have to give it gas for it to start up. And now it won't start. What could cause this?

Here are a few things I would check. Air filter. Does it need changing. Fuel lift pump and filter. working correctly and clean Carburettor. Are the jets clear and unclogged Spark plugs. Is there a strong spark. Clean and gap set correctly. If it has fuel injection as opposed to a carburettor check the injection pump, fuel lines and injectors. Injection timing. Ignition timing

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