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What are the contents of a car tool kit?

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2008-01-15 03:53:25

Socket, six point, ½" drive, to fit wheel lugs Jumper cables,

heavy gauge Duct tape Plywood square for jack, ¾", one foot square

Gloves, leather Knife Tire gauge Fuses Flashlight Ice scraper Rags

Tow rope or chain = Basic = Screwdrivers, common and Phillips

Combination wrenches, 10 thru 19mm Ratchet, 3/8" drive Sockets,

3/8" drive, metric Ratchet, ¼" drive Sockets, ¼" drive, metric

Pliers, common Pliers, channel lock Hammer, large ball peen or

drilling Wrench, adjustable Vise grips = Advanced = Combination

wrenches, ¼ thru 7/8 Extension, 3/8" drive, 3" Sockets, 3/8" drive,

SAE Extension, ¼" drive, 3" Sockets, ¼" drive, SAE Small hacksaw

Adaptor, ½ to 3/8" drive Hex keys, metric and SAE Pry bar, large

Pliers, needle nose Pliers, wire cutters Small hammer Impact driver

Large common screwdriver Torx drivers = Personal safety = Cell

phone and cable for recharging $100 in safe location Pump shotgun

with 18" barrel, or assault rifle* Flares First aid kit Rain

poncho, bright color Plastic tarp Fire extinguisher

*Outside Texas, check laws regarding firearms in vehicles.

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