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What are the major responsibilities of a US Marine?

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My DI (Drill Instructor) in 1950 said it was to "Seek out the enemy and destroy him."

I accepted that premise, I also learned that the "Buddy on your right, and the Buddy on your left are your responsibility" from people like Chesty Puller and Victor H. (The Brute} Krulak.) Accepted! Understood! (And thus you survived for one more day to seek out the enemy and destroy him.) (If that sounds like "Beer Talk", it probably is.)

Semper Fi!

As any Marine knows the "Mission" of the USMC is to "seize and defend advance navel positions" quoted right out of the doctrine.

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Who is the highest rank in the US marine corps?

Officer : Commandant of the Marine Corps / Enlisted : Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps .

What battles have the US Marine Corps lost?

The United States Marine Corps has never lost a major battle in its history.

What are human responsibilities for marine mammals?

look at them and laugh

Is there such a rank as a command sgt major leader?

There is a Command Sergeant Major rank in the US Army and US Marine Corps. There is no "Command Sergeant Major Leader" rank, however.

Is it hard to be a Marine?

It is hard to become a Marine, and once you earn the title of U.S. Marine, you have great responsibilities in defending your country. So Yes it is hard.

First African American to obtain the rank of Sergeant Major in the US Marine Corps?

Sergeant Major Edgar R. Huff.

What are the respiratory system's major responsibilities?

The major responsibilities are breathing in oxygen so you can live, and breathing out carbon dioxide.

What is the highest non-commissioned officer rank in the US marines?

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps

Can you join US rangers if you're a US marine?

As a former US Marine, yes.

Were the US Navy and US Marine Corps created In 1798?

Was the US Navy and US Marine Corps were created In 1798In 1798 the us navy and us marine corps were created

How did isolationism become quite impossible for the US after the Spanish-American War?

The US now had major interests and responsibilities in the Philippines, the Pacific and the Caribbean.

Who is more powerful in the us army major or captain?

The Army Major outranks an Army Captain. Their relative power might have more to do with their jobs and responsibilities, though.

What does OR 8 mean within the structure of the US Marine marshall Corps?

It is equivalent of a Major General in the U.S. army

What was John McCain major while attending the US Naval Academy?

Everybody at the USNA majors in marine engineering.

Who was the first African American SergeantMajor in the US Marine Corps?

"Sergeant Major Edgar R. Huff, USMC

Who were the five Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps between 1801 and 1946?

There was no such thing as the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps until 1957. The first Sergeant Major in the Marine Corps was Sergeant Major Archibald Sommers who became the Corps' first Sergeant Major in 1801.

Is the marine west coast a major climate of Europe?

The Marine Climate is a major climate of Europe. It is the climate of Western Europe.

What are job responsibilities for a Marine Biologist?

Go througe collage and have a lot of experience with animals

Where can one meet with US Marine Corps marine recruiters?

One can meet with US Marine Corps recruiters from the following sources: Marines, Military, US Military, MARSOC - Marine Corps, Marine Spot, Today's Military, Marine Corps Recruit, to name a few.

What is the rarest e9 rank in marine corps?

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps .

Who is the sergeant of the Marine Corps?

the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps is Mike Barrett

Who was the first Cherokee Indian to fly navy planes?

US Marine Ace Major "Pappy" Boyington was part Indian.

What are the three major US military academies?

US Army - US Military Academy, West Point, NY US Navy/Marine Corps - US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD US Air Force - US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO US Coast Guard - US Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT US Merchant Marine - US Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY (New YOrk City)

What kind of major do you have to have to be a marine biologist?

There are lots of majors that marine biologists can have My major was oceanography but there are a lot more just reserch it Have fun

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