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What are the monotheistic faiths?

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The 3 main monotheistic faiths are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

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Who was the founder of all three monotheistic faiths?

Abraham founded all three monotheistic faiths.

What is the Islamic perspective or feelings about other monotheistic faiths?

Muslims give more respect to other monotheistic faiths than they give to polytheistic faiths.

What are the three great monotheistic faiths?

Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

What are thet three largest monotheistic faiths?

Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

What are three great monotheistic faiths?

The three major Monotheistic Religions are: 1. Christianity 2. Islam 3. Judaism

Where did the three largest monotheistic faiths originate?

India, Judea, Saudi Arabia

Did judaism come from another religion?

No it was the basis for nearly all other monotheistic faiths

What monotheistic religions was Muhammad familiar with before Islam?

I'm no scholar, so I can't say whether or not Prophet Muhammad knew a lot about the monotheistic faiths of his time, or was "familiar" with them. I can say he was at least aware of the only two monotheistic religions around, Judaism and Christianity, just as Jesus was aware of the only monotheistic religion of his time, Judaism.

The three monotheistic religions roots lead back to what man?

There are actually five classical monotheistic religions: Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Islam, and the Baha'i Faith. The Prophet Founders of each of these Faiths was a direct descendant of Abraham.

What is abrahamian religion?

The Abrahamic faiths are all monotheistic ones that have their roots in the prophet Abraham, the central religions are Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Bahá'í.

Who controlled Asia Minor and the Holy Sites central to the three monotheistic faiths?

This depends on the time period. Today, Asia Minor is under Turkish control and the Holy Sites of the Monotheistic faiths are under Israeli and Palestinian control. The most recent empire to control both areas was the Ottoman Empire, which lost control of the Levant region in 1917.

Are Kurds monotheists?

Most Kurds are Muslims, so yes. There are a minority of Kurds who are Yazidi or Zoroastrian which are henotheistic faiths and not strictly monotheistic. There are also Kurds who are Atheists.

Judaism Christianity and Islam are all blank faiths?

The term monotheistic would fit the statement. It means that they believe in one god and it happens that this god is the same god.

What is a monotheistic faith?

One where its members only believe that there is only one god. Those faiths which believe that God the father, God the son and the Holy Spirit are all one may be said to be a monotheistic faith. Though much could be said about this question let this answer suffice.

What are the significant to the 3 monotheitic faiths?

Although they believe in different ways, the three main Western religions (Judaism,Christianity and Islam). The similarity is that they are monotheistic, having converted from paganism and animism.

What aspects of faith do Judaism Christianity and Islam have in common?

All three are monotheistic faiths, originating from Abraham, the old testament prophet. They also have: * a belief in the one-ness of God. * a belief in the judgement * a belief in the prophets * a holy book. * MonothesmThey are all monotheistic religions, meaning there is only one God.

What religon is Israel?

The main religions in Israel are Judaism, Islam and Christianity. All these are regarded as monotheistic faiths which means they all believe in a single God and not multiple gods like other religions.

What is the religion of the oldest of the monotheistic faiths?

The oldest monotheistic religion (teaching that there is one God) was taught by Abraham. After Him, in order, came Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and Baha'u'llah. The teachings of Zoroaster have appeared to teach two Gods, but the aspect of good was more powerful than the other, so it too can be considered as being monotheistic. Hinduism can be seen as monotheistic for the same reason: there is the supreme God and lesser attributes. Buddha taught of the "First Cause" and what could that be other than the Creative Force of the universe - or "God."

What beliefs do Jews and Muslims share?

Both are Abrahamic faiths. Both are monotheistic, meaning they believe in one God. Both believe in the stories of Adam, Noah, Moses, Joseph, Solomon, David, etc.

How old is god-?

There are a few different theories about God depending on which religion you are referring to. Most monotheistic faiths that worship one supreme deity agree that God in any form, has always been and always will be.

Which religions are monotheistic-?

Islam is a monotheistic religion. Also Judaism is a monotheistic religion.

Are Judaism Christianity and Islam monotheistic or polytheistic?

Judaism: monotheistic. Islam: monotheistic.

Is Islam monotheistic or polytheism?


Were the Nubians monotheistic of polytheistic?


Are budha's monotheistic or polytheistic?


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