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the value of the good will be lower due to globalization in third world countries as in Bhutan,Bangladesh , Nepal and so on.

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Globalization- which is a mixture of market and culture.

The three examples of globalization are the major drivers of globalization. The first is politics, the second is technology, and the third is economics. All three of these have impacts on different countries no matter the country that it is derived.

Globalization may have an adverse effect on third world countries particularly on Ethiopia.Abolishion of of original culture,less competition in international market,inflow of unwanted goods and services as well as information,etc can be mentioned among many's.

all third world countries are example of economic imperialism and globalization there aren't any better industries in these countries,all they can do is to be a slave for the developed world by offering cheap labour.

First-world countries often misunderstand the effects of their actions on third-world countries.

the effect of black market currency in Nigerian economy

Yes, outsourcing a job means moving an entire office to a place where labor costs are lower, such as "third world" or "emerging economy" countries.

O-positive is the most common blood group in the world; over a third of the population in most countries - in some, nearly half the population - and in the world.

Dependency on the mother country and not being able to properly function without the assist of outside sources

third world countries which are in debt to countries which have more money and material. Third world is when devolving countries are in debt. countries like Africa which have no money or materials .

1.third coutries don't fully use their potencial 2.workers from richers countries may get less paid because of imigration of cheap workers from third countries 3.poorer countries deals with emigration 4.bigger gap between poor and rich ones opens Posted by Mantas Puidokas (Lithuania)

There are 47 third world countries today.

Third World debt is external debt incurred by Third World countries. Third World debt is external debt incurred by Third World countries.

Countries that got democracy post 1974 are called third wave countries. e.g. nepal

Third world countries, or countries that are considered poorer countries of the world

No. Phillippines and India are not considered Third World countries.

Effects of an omniscient third-person narrative is to get an eyewitness to the eventsof the story

There are approximately 16 third world countries. A few of the countries are Ethiopia, Niger, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Malawi.

Yes, but third-world countries are now called "developing countries."

Most Third World Countries.

Developing countries are also known as third world countries. These countries are less industrialized than developed countries. Many countries in Africa and southern Asia are third world countries.

the third world dept is the poor countries dept the poor countries are the third world hello is gay and ameh rfor pusyols

Europe is not a country. It is a continent consisting of many countries. None of these countries would be considered as being third world countries.

There are over 30 countries that are considered to be Third World. Some of these countries include Somalia, Yemen, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Zambia.

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