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What are the reasons for the war in Afghanistan?



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In September of 2001, some Islamic religious zealots hijacked 4 planes, flew 2 of them into the World Trade Center, one went to the U.S. Pentagon and the fourth crashed in an open field when the passangers took over from the zealots. The religious zealots were being trained in Afghanistan and funded by other religious zealots in other parts of the Middle East. The war on Afghanistan was a war against the religious zealots who feel that it's ok to murder. Because after all, they didn't really care who they murdered so long as they could have a hope of furthering their Islamic extremist agenda. They also thought it was ok to die in the name of their Islamic extremist agenda, so why not help them seek their goal and at the same time prevent a few innocent deaths in other parts of the world. The liberation of Afghanistan was essential for a civilized world to continue to exist.