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What are the reasons for the war in Afghanistan?

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In September of 2001, some Islamic religious zealots hijacked 4 planes, flew 2 of them into the World Trade Center, one went to the U.S. Pentagon and the fourth crashed in an open field when the passangers took over from the zealots. The religious zealots were being trained in Afghanistan and funded by other religious zealots in other parts of the Middle East. The war on Afghanistan was a war against the religious zealots who feel that it's ok to murder. Because after all, they didn't really care who they murdered so long as they could have a hope of furthering their Islamic extremist agenda. They also thought it was ok to die in the name of their Islamic extremist agenda, so why not help them seek their goal and at the same time prevent a few innocent deaths in other parts of the world. The liberation of Afghanistan was essential for a civilized world to continue to exist.

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Why did the US fight in the Afghanistan war?

For economical reasons.

What are the main reasons of Educational Problems in Afghanistan?


What was the reasons for the end of the cold war?

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was the reason for the end of the Cold War.

What nations has Afghanistan fought since 1900?

United Kingdom: in the Third Anglo-Afghan War May 6, 1919 - August 8, 1919 as well as the current war in Afghanistan Soviet Union: from December 27, 1979-February 15, 1989 United States: from October 7, 2001 to present Germany: Current War in Afghanistan France: Current War in Afghanistan Italy: current War in Afghanistan Canada: current war in Afghanistan Poland: Current war in Afghanistan Netherlands: Current war in Afghanistan Turkey: Current War in Afghanistan Australia: Current War in Afghanistan Spain: Current War in Afghanistan Romania: Current War in Afghanistan Sweden: Current War in Afghanistan Denmark: Current War in Afghanistan Belgium: Current War in Afghanistan Norway: Current War in Afghanistan Bulgaria: Current War in Afghanistan Czech Republic: Current War in Afghanistan Hungary: Current War in Afghanistan Croatia: Current War in Afghanistan Albania: Current War in Afghanistan Slovakia: Current War in Afghanistan New Zealand: Current War in Afghanistan Georgia: Current War in Afghanistan Latvia: Current War in Afghanistan Macedonia: Current War in Afghanistan Lithuania: Current War in Afghanistan Estonia: Current War in Afghanistan Portugal: Current war in Afghanistan Finland: Current War in Afghanistan Azerbaijan: Current War in Afghanistan Slovenia: Current War in Afghanistan Singapore: Current War in Afghanistan Bosnia and Herzegovina: Current War in Afghanistan Ukraine: Current War in Afghanistan Ireland : Current War in Afghanistan Iceland: Current War in Afghanistan Austria : Current War in Afghanistan United Arab Emirates : Current War in Afghanistan Greece: Current War in Afghanistan Luxembourg: Current War in Afghanistan

What are two reasons the Afghanistan war was fought?

There have been many wards in Afghanistan, fought at different times by the Americans, the Russians, the British, etc.

Is the Afghanistan War considered a declared war?

No. The US is not at war with Afghanistan.

Why is Afghanistan an ledc?

Afghanistan is an Ldec country due to a number of reasons. Afghanistan has been in a constant state of war since the early 1980's when Soviets invaded. Moreover, sectarian differences and interests of foreign powers have restricted growth of Afghanistan.

Who is in war with Afghanistan?

the united states of America is in war with Afghanistan

Where was the location of Afghanistan war?


Are you winning the war against Afghanistan?

The US is not at war with the government of Afghanistan.

Who is at war with Afghanistan?

Canada, allied with America, Europe, Afghanistan, and many other countries.I know that may sound weird, but we are not at war with Afghanistan. We are at war with the Taliban, who are currently ruling Afghanistan.

Why is the Canadian army in Afghanistan?

They have war with Afghanistan.

Where did the war of Afghanistan take place?

In Afghanistan.

How did the Afghanistan War effect society?

attitude of Canadians during the Afghanistan war

Did Obama end the war in Iraq or Afghanistan?

He ended the War in Iraq, but not in Afghanistan.

What is the name of the war in Afghanistan?

The US war in Afghanistan. That is actually incorrect. The accepted term for the war in Afghanistan is Operation Enduring Freedom and on a more broader aspect it is the war on terror

When did the United State enter the Afghanistan war?

It's not the Afghanistan war, it's a US war. The US attacked Afghanistan on October 7, 2001. did we attack because of 9/11? what did we attack afghanistan?

What do the Afghanistan war and the Vietnam war have in common?

Nothing. The US is not at war w/Afghanistan. The US was at war with North Vietnam.

Why and when did Canada send troops to the war with Afghanistan?

As a part of Nato and a call from the United Nations. They became involved also for humanitarian reasons.

Why was the Afghanistan war a success?

Since the nation of Afghanistan is still at war, it may be premature to declare the war a success.

Was the Afghanistan war a war?


How many US soldiers are at war in Afghanistan?

84,000 US Soldiers are currently at war in Afghanistan

How did the Afghanistan war start?

The Afghanistan War began because of the of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Why is the Afghanistan war happening?

The war in Afghanistan is happening becuse of the tragic attacks on 9/11

When did Soviet war in Afghanistan happen?

Soviet war in Afghanistan happened on 1979-12-24.

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