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I'm sorry to say but she should have NEVER left the USA without a re-entry visa. She must find a way of getting back in that does not invlove Immigration, you could try but it will be hopeless as your not a citizen yet and don't have full rights. Get your citizenship ASAP! You could try via student visa or work visa somehow. Good luck, it happened to me due to misinformation from INS. It was a big hassel and bad start to our marriage. I was able to get her in via student visa, when it was easier to do so. through Canada? Good Luck. Your children do not come into play until they are 21 to be able to ask for her. You must wait until you become a citizen to apply for permanent residency for her. Your children do not come into play until they are 21 to be able to ask for her.

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Q: What can you do if your wife overstayed her US visa and went home but wants to come back to be with you and your two children that were born here but you are not a US citizen?
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If you overstayed your visa by 4 years then married a us citizen but left the country could you still get the green card abroad or would you be better of trying to get back into the us again and try f?

theres some law that after 97 if you overstayed by that long than your banned from returning for 10 years...not super technical but...

If an illegal immigrant overstayed his visa for 4 years and then married a US citizen can he apply for change of status without the risk of being deported?

Marrying a US citizen does not automatically make the other person a citizen. Spouses of US citizens can and do get deported everyday. Send him back home and apply for him while he is not in the U.S.

How can a US Citizen who gave birth in the UK get her children back to the US when she is married to a UK Citizen?

Get court approval

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What happens if I've overstayed a visa?

If you've overstayed your Visa you will be deported back to your home country. If you resist deportation you could serve time in jail and pay heavy fines.

If your boyfriend overstayed his visa by 4 months and is returning to his country will he be able to get a visa to come back to the US?

If you overstayed less than 6 month you will be banned to entering the US for 3 Years, and if you overstayed more than 6 Month you will be banned for 10 Years (AG)

If you came to US on b1 visa and overstayed how do you become citizen?

Dear Sir/Madam . I entered the country in early 2006 with a visitors visa (Type b1/b2), but now I have overstayed .. I want to apply for permanent residency but I am afraid that since I overstayed my visa I will not be eligible. I am going to marry with one USA Citizen , what is the process? how much time it takes for me to get Citizenship? she is married and having 3 kids her hubby was passed away long back. After marriage can I visit my home country to see my parents? if I get any law problems? after marriage if any other reason we separate what rules can apply? please help me

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Can a UK citizen marry a US citizen while vacationing in the US?

You can but be aware, that the UK citizen cannot legally change their status while in the US. It depends on where you both want to live. If the US citizen wants to come back to the UK, a marriage visa is needed from the British Embassy in the US. However if the UK citizen wants to live in the US, they will have to go back to the UK and the US citizen will then need to file the I-130. Until it comes through you cannot live in the US, but will have to wait in the UK.

I overstayed my us visa for 2 years then i left to my country but my boyfriend who is us citizen petitioned for k1 visa i came back and we got married in 90 days am i getting green card?

The green card itself will be given to you if you stay married after two years.

If a Illegal alien is married to a U.S citizen and has U.S citizen children but was deported due to mistomener charges can they come back into the U.S and then apply for visa?

A visa has to be applied for before returning to the country.

Mom is an ileagle alien but the baby is a citizen what rights does the mom have?

the mom has no riqhts she is illeqal. if she qets cauqht she will be sent back to wherever. but since the baby was born in the US they have citizen riqhts. the mom wants to take the baby with her,so what she neads to do

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What citizenship will the baby of an American man married to a Korean woman have if the couple has lived in the US for the past two years but mom wants to go back to Korea to have the baby?

if the baby is born in Korea then the baby will be a citizen of Korea......but can also later become a citizen of the us

If you overstayed your F1 visa by two years how can you get your legal status back?

You'll probably have to leave the country for a few months then come back... unless you're from Mexico, in which case the government doesn't seem to care.

If a person who entered US legally but overstayed less than a year wants to go back to hisher home country but wants to get back to US with K1 visa would it be possible to enter US again?

You may apply for the visa. Nothing prevents the two of you from doing that. However, if denied because of the length of overstay you'll be told whether or not you are eligible to complete a waiver of ineligibility. The longer he overstays, the worse the situation becomes.

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Who will be responsible for the support of two US citizen children when their father who was a permanent resident is deported back to Mexico as an aggravated felon?

Obviously, you are responsible until he returns (if ever) from Mexico.

If a US citizen marries a Mexican citizen in Mexico can they both return to the US?

sure you can return back to the US

Can a us citizen go to a foreign country and marry a citizen in that country and bring them back to the us?

yes of course you can.

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