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AnswerMy Nissan Altima stall while driving, what's the problem can someone tell me Pleas. Help here---> After cleaning the Air flow meter replacing the intake and plenum gasket as well as cleaning the Idle speed valve I still had problems so I searched more on the internet and seem to have found the solution to the car stalling out when driving. The crankshaft position sensor located on the front lower engine below the crankshaft would heat up and short the inner coil. I replaced it by removing the passenger tire then removing the plastic cover revealing the sensor with (2) 10 MM bolts that hold it on. It took less than a half hour and cost $61 dollars. I took it for a ride and no more stalling. This is a big issue with Nissan and infinity owners and Nissan refuses to do a recall on the dangerous issue. There are camshaft sensors and a rear crank sensor as well. I did not replace them and don,t think it will be necessary either.
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Q: What causes a 1996 Nissan Altima to stall while driving?
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What causes a 1996 Altima to stall while driving?

Oil in the distributor.

What makes a sucking sound and causes your 1994 Nissan Altima to stall?

you have a vacumn leak.

Why is my 2001 Nissan Altima stalling?

Numerous things could cause the Nissan Altima to stall. One such thing is the idle control valve, also the exhaust system could cause the engine to stall.

What would cause your 1995 Nissan Altima to stall on acceleration soon after starting?

Your spark plugs.

2001 Nissan altima engine surges on highway?

2001 missan altima emgine runs stall at a traffic light but engine does not cut off.

Why does your 1993 Nissan altima stall when on the freeway and also side roads?

Have the Ecm checked At dealers ( recall )

What causes a 2003 Nissan altima to stall while driving?

If it's stalling while driving, it could be the problem with either the crankshaft positioning sensor or mass air flow sensor. Check to see if you have a check engine light on. If so, you need to retrieve the code from auto parts store. Only then you will be able to find out the actual problem.

Why would a 2002 Nissan Altima engine stall immediately after starting?

I am having the same problem with a 1998 Nissan Altima. The engine runs fine at idle. When you press the gas the car stalls out. I'm down to replacing the gas pump in hopes of fixing this problem.

Why does your Nissan altima gxe 1993 feel like it wants to stall?

I am currently going thru the same thing. It is either the throttle plate or the recall that during engine movement causes the throttle-cable housing to pull out of its guide.

What causes my Nissan Altima Hybrid to stall in the rain? has a forum post concerning this issue. In that post it does detail this condition as something other drivers have experienced, but it lends more towards aging components than to faulty engineering. (

What might cause a 2003 Nissan Altima to stall?

MAF or a bad spark plug, dirty fuel filters ... maybe needs a tune up

Wy does my 98 altima stall at 2500rpm?

A 1998 Altima may stall at 2500 rpm's over a bad spark plug or plug wires.

What would cause a 95 Nissan 240 sx to stall while driving but restart with no problem?

Your a bad driver get a license

What causes a vehicle to stall while driving down the road?

For starters change the fuel filter

How do you change the vacuum leak on a 96 Nissan altima?

replace the hose or gasket the is leaking, you can spray carb cleaner around the eng whil runnig to locate the leak the eng will try to stall

Nissan Altima 2000 limited edition wants to stall engine light came on and mechanic put it on the tester and said it was misfiring on one cylinder What is wrong and will it be expensive?

it can be if you keep driving your car like that. could end up buying a new engine.. it could be a crack cylinder FIX ASAP!!

What causes a 1993 s10 Chevy blazer to stall while driving?

Need to replace the ingnetion module in the distributor.

2003 Nissan altima and it stall out on you and then jerk a little than you turned a corner then it stalled again then it turned off on you i put in park started it again and it started then drove it?

probably you have problem with fuel pump

What causes the engine to stall while driving?

There are several reasons an engine may stall while driving, here are three.The fuel tank is empty and the engine is starved of fuel.Not enough power to climb a hill causing a stall.Faulty or damp electronics on a petrol engine can also cause a stall.

What causes a Jeep Grand Cherokee to stall while driving?

If any vehicle stalls while driving it should be seen by a mechanic soon. It can be the a issues with the computer, ignition, or fuel.

Can someone please tell me what would cause my 95 Nissan altima gxe to turn over but then chug and stall like it is getting no fuel?

It could be the fuel pump gone bad or the fuel filter is plugged. Ed

Mercury mystique and it will once in awhile stall while you are driving you can pop it into neutral and start it while you are still rolling what causes this?


What causes a 1997 Nissan altima to drop its RPM and stall?

The engine in that is the 2.4 Ltr OHV. A drop in rpm and stalling could be a vacuum leak, fuel pressure regulator or clogged fuel filter. Also a bad or leaking PVC valve will cause those symptoms. I restore a clot of these and they are great cars.

What would cause your Nissan Maxima to stall while driving mostly when slowing down?

Any number of things. Take the car and have it checked by a Tune-up shop.

Why would a Nissan Altima 1994 manual stall in the middle of traffic and be difficult to start and drive in first gear but not in second gear?

Because you can't drive a stick, and its a hard carto drive stickin and first is geared lower.