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It might be the CV joints. Go to a front suspension specialist and have it checked out.

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What causes a loud whining noise when accelerating?

It is the alternator....

What causes a car to stop accelerating?

Lack of propulsion.

What causes a plane to stop accelerating?

Odds chi

What causes engine drag when accelerating?

dirty fuel filter

What causes a motorbike to splutter when accelerating?

start with the spark plugs

What causes electric magnetic wave?

Accelerating electric charges.

What are the possible causes for a tapping noise on the 2001 Dodge Intrepid Sometimes quiet sometimes loud and sometimes goes away?

Is this coming from the engine? If it is it sounds like you might have some lifter problems. Or the worse part is if you have a rod knocking. Intrepids did have some egine problems.

What causes pain when tapping right side of skull?

There are various things which could cause pain when tapping on the right side of the skull. If you are concerned consult a doctor.

What causes the air to stop blowing out of dash vent when accelerating?

you have a vacuum leak

What causes smoke to come from the wheels?

Burning rubber, or screeching the tires, and then accelerating.

What causes a squealing noise when accelerating?

The most common cause is slipping belt

What causes a popping noise when accelerating in an 01 windstar?

Bad ignition coil

What causes the car to jerk when your going down the highway when your accelerating?

Cylinder miss.

What causes black puffs of smoke when accelerating diesel engine?

unburnt fuel

What causes tapping sound driveshaft area 99 Jimmy?

Check universal joints.

What causes car to be sluggish when accelerating?

Slow engine RPM is the main reason a car may be sluggish while accelerating. However, it also could be due to the oil.

What causes the engine of a 94 Mazda b4000 to jerk when accelerating?

Replace the fuel filter.

What causes a noise while accelerating through 2nd and 3rd gears?

what kind of noise?

What causes hesitation when accelerating 2006 dodge charger?

A dirty throttle body will cause that.

What causes white smoke on accelerating?

White smoke normally means you are burning oil.

What causes a tapping and rattling noise in 1993 Pontiac Bonneville?

The guy in the trunk is still alive!!!

What causes a knocking sound when accelerating and idle?

That depends if it is a load tapping sound if so, it might be your valves tapping, and you might just be about ready for a rebuild. If it sounds a lot louder and more metallic like a banging sound, your engine may have thrown a rod, and for sure needs to be rebuilt or replaced. You also might consider trying a higher grade of octane that you are using in your gas tank to see if the noise doesn't clear up on its own. sometimes engines will need a higher octane for a tank or two to clean out the gunk build up in the engine. Best of luck to you!

What causes an engine rattle in a 1999 Oldsmobile when accelerating?

Auroras use only premioum gass

What causes a grinding sound when turning and a whining sound when accelerating?

possibly your wheel bearing is on its way out

What causes a loud humming in the front end of your car while accelerating?

bad wheel bearings