What causes violent wheel wobble when hitting a bump?

I would suspect either a loose wheel, or worn suspension or steering parts. This is very dangerous. Have the steering & suspension inspected.


I have a 1997 dodge 3/4 ton, my pickup was shaking real bad when I would hit a bump so I replaced the "steering shock" I do not know if that is what it is called but it is the shock on the front of the vehicle. Replace it and that should fix the problem.


This is a very common problem on 2nd generation 4x4s, Don't use a stock steering shock get a heavy duty after market one. Another good fix is a Luke's Link, check the link at the side for more information it has great diagrams and instructions to fix the track bar.

Get a Bilstein Steering Shock. The problem will most likely go away. I've had 2 RRC's and I did this fix myself on both cars.