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What causes violent wheel wobble when hitting a bump?


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I would suspect either a loose wheel, or worn suspension or steering parts. This is very dangerous. Have the steering & suspension inspected.

AnswerI have a 1997 Dodge 3/4 ton, my pickup was shaking real bad when I would hit a bump so I replaced the "steering shock" I do not know if that is what it is called but it is the shock on the front of the vehicle. Replace it and that should fix the problem. AnswerThis is a very common problem on 2nd generation 4x4s, Don't use a stock steering shock get a heavy duty after market one. Another good fix is a Luke's Link, check the link at the side for more information it has great diagrams and instructions to fix the track bar.

Get a Bilstein Steering Shock. The problem will most likely go away. I've had 2 RRC's and I did this fix myself on both cars.

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Bent rim. You may rotate it to a rear wheel to reduce or eliminate wobble.

Bad tire? Bad wheel bearing? Bent wheel? Bent axle?

The front wheels of a car can wobble because the car's suspension is not in proper alignment. The wheels may also wobble if the rim is bent or if the tire is improperly installed

The steering joints and connections are worn and need replacing Actually, the most likely problem is the tires. They may just need balancing. Sometimes the belts in the tires separate which causes a wobble. high/low spots in tires also causes a wobble. A bent rim can cause a wobble. Excessive negative caster will cause a wobble (alignment issue). Steering joints (inner and outer tie rods will not cause a wobble)

Bad tire, bad tie rod end, bad wheel bearing, or bad rack and pinon.

Common causes could be a bent rim, loose lugnuts, wheel balance weights missing. If equipped, broken ball joint(s), broken tie-rod ends or broken half shaft bearings. Best bet, get the car to the mechanic.

Is it the entire wheel and tire or just the tire? A bent wheel can be caused by sliding into something or by hitting an object. If a wheel has been bent there is a strong possibility that it has weakened and should be replaced. Weakened wheels can be dangerous.

I dont think a tire will wobble unless the entire wheel wobbles.... Problems with the undercarraige could cause this. Also if a tire has uneven treadwear from a poor alignment, it could wobble. A missing balance weight, or improperly balanced tire could cause wobble. Emergency braking could leave a flat spot in the tire. Check all four tires for treadwear patterns, to see if the tire is balding in one section faster than others. Ideally it will bald from the center outwards evenly as the tire ages. If the tires look even, then most likely a problem with the undercarraige is causing the wheel to wobble (broken, worn or missing component). A tire could have internal belt damage from hitting a deep pot hole hard and cause it to wobble after.

Remove and reinstall the wheel. You do not have the lug nuts installed correctly. The wheel was not seated properly.

Loose wheel, bent wheel, Belt broke in tire,BAD wheel bearing. Check and repair as needed.

The wheel will begin to wobble and can eventually fall off if you don't get it fixed.

It can be any of that plus a loose wheel, bent wheel, loose wheel bearing, etc. Whatever it is, it is a dangerous situation. Get this looked at ASAP. Do not continue to drive this car.

Could be a small thing like wheels out of balance 40+ "Noisy Inside Car" bad wheel bearings 30+ mph also decelerating harder to control "Steering wheel wobble "on accelerating / decelerating" "Noisy Inside Car" steering linkage: causes the steering wheel to wobble at 40+ mph decelerating harder to control "Steering wheel wobble "on accelerating / decelerating" My brothers car had the above problems I changed his rear spindle, outer, tie rods, "both were shot" bad bearing "blown bearing"

Check that your tire doesn't have a broken belt or a bulge. Then check your wheel balance. If the tire is okay and it is balanced, check your axle an axle bearings. If it is IRS check all bushes, rubbers, and control arms.

Worn tire? Tire and/or wheel out of balance? Bad wheel bearing? Bent axle?

Swap rear tires from right to left, see if the wobble changes sides. If the wobble changed sides you have a bent rim or a bad tire. If the wobble didn't change sides you have a bent axle or hub.

Could be alignment or air pressure causing pull. wobble is most likely tires out of balance.

Something is wrong ! - wheel may be loose, tire may be separated inside or wheel bearing is shot.

There are not those are to slow the wheel down by hitting the metal bars and are not the pointers

becouse of bent rim or a bad spot in your tire .

A bent, loose or unbalanced wheel. And, if there is no shaking in the steering wheel, then it is most likely from one, or both, of the rear wheels. Irregularity or bulge in a tyre also causes car shaking. I've has this problem once, and it was because the engine mounts needed to be replaced.

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