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Is it water or antifreeze? If it is antifreeze you have a bad heater core. The heater core provides the heat for the air entering the passenger compartment. The heater core is heated by the hot antifreeze. If it is water, then look for a plugged, missing, or misinstalled a/c drain. its a small black rubber hose (about 3") that protrudes from the bottom of the car on the passenger side, just below and slightly ahead of where the passengers left foot would go. if you see a little hose sticking out there, open the passenger door and peel back the felt that is perpendicular to the floor, just ahead of the center part of the dash. there is a big plastic box there and on the bottom of it, toward the firewall is a nipple with the hose connected to it. if its detached, reattach it. if its plugged, clean it. if its missing, replace it!

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Q: What causes water to accumulate on carpet in front passenger side of 1997 Toyota Camry?
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