What could be damaged when a car is 'bottomed out'?

If you have a late model Audi A4 or A6 or a VW Passat, it is possible to crack the engine oil pan and/or the transmission housing/case. If you have an older Chrysler FWD sedan, it is easy to put a hole in the engine oil pan.

On many RWD and 4WD vehicles, the rear differential and the transmission are in danger if you high-center.

On almost any vehicle, you can do damage to suspension, tires, rims, wheel bearings, exhaust system and in a severe situation, the frame or body. == == Kinda hard to say, one theory is a exhaust tube opened up and that could explain the hissing and exhaust smell, if the o2 sensor was damaged it may also explain the hesitation. You need to have someone look at it, your symptoms that you explain can be interpreted in more than one way. My guess is it will cost $207.92 to fix, post what it does end up costing. bottomed out is when the shock absorbers are completely compressed and the car cant go down anymore, it usually happens when putting large amounts of weight in the car or "landing" hard. usually it wont have any effect on anything but it sure wont feel good or if the car is low or dropped down for effect..you could hit your transmission, oil pan...both very bad..transmission (major $$$) oil pan- all oil leaks out, impossible to drive, crankshaft damage and maybe fatal engine damage too.. frame damage, drivesghaft.. well tranmission and if its rear wheel drive hit ur driveshaft. i had a 2000 ford windstar and i went airbourne and landed hard and broke the transmission and the whole equast system tore out it cost 4,598 dollors to repair