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What could be the problem if a 88 Honda accord's automatic transmission will not change into D4 along with Reverse?

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2013-07-08 20:20:46
2013-07-08 20:20:46

he tansmission is gonne and needs to be replaced

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There can be several things that will an automatic transmission not to work properly. The most common cause is a lack of transmission fluid. Broken shifting linkage can also cause the problem.

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If you have an automatic transmission then either the linkage is fouled up or you got a internal problem. That's 100 vrs about 3000 dollars.

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If the automatic transmission on a 2002 Kia Rio won't go into park and there is no reverse, there is a problem inside the transmission with the gear bands. Each gear has a separate band and sometimes they wear out. New bands need to be put in or a new transmission needs to be installed.

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