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Have you checked to see if your back lights are not burned out? That could be the problem.

If your bulbs are good then you have a broken set of wires going to the rear lights, (look by where the trailer wiring was installed if so equipped as that's a common area of problem for broken wires. Hope that helps. i had the same problem with my 1985 south wind it had a exposed wire that ran right behind the brake peddle throw the floor Bord they did make the hole big enough so when the pushed the wire throw it striped it so every time i hit the brakes the fuse would blow. and i would have no lights. don't know if this helps you, good luck .


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It is not necessarily the fuse. It could be the switch on the brake that is not closing the circuit.

if the tail lights work but not brake lights then its most likely just a blown fuse or it could be the switch at the top of your brake pedal arm.

Could be a bad wiring harness, disruption of the circuit somewhere between the brake pedal and the brake lights, a bad switch which fails to actuate the brake lights. See sources and related links below for bulb information.

I found this on my 1997 Silverado and found the connection from the wiring harness to the back OS the switch itself was loose, I could wigle it arouns and make the lights come back on.

it could be that your brake light switch under your dash that sits right on top of your brake pedal has gone out

You may have blown a fuse. You may have to replace your brake light switch which is located above the brake pedal under the dash. Also it could be your emergency flasher knob if its broken. All of your turn signals and break lights run through it and if the connections on it are off none of the brake lights and turn signals will work.

possibly the fuse for brake lights......also could be brake light switch----turn signal switch----broken wiring anywhere in the vehicle---relay not working ---any other item specific to your venicle.

It could be the brake light switch (the switch that activates the brake lights when you step on the brake pedal) has gone bad

A defective brake light switch could cause the problem. Also a defective turn signal switch could also. The brake lights work through the turn signals. It cancels the brake light so that the turn signal can work.

if it is your running lights that wont come on, your emergency brake could be on, or the sensor may be reading that it is on. this defeats the running lights. you will know this is happening because the emergency brake light will be on. if this is the case, reach under the drivers side door and with the e-brake off, wiggle the e-brake cable back and forth. the running lights should come back on once the emergency brake cable is in the off position.

To be more specific, the ground wire must work and the bulbs, fuses, etc.. Or the back up lights and turn signals and brake lights wouldn't work? Right? Could it be the back panel...and still let the brake/turn/backup lights work? I need help fast. Thanks!

On the 1979 B200 Sportsman V8 if the brake pedal makes all signal lights come on and hazards and flashers do not work on their own, it could be the flasher, but the culprit could also be a burned out bulb or a short in the wiring.

my back brake lights don't work, but the brake light on the back door does what could be wrong

Be for starting the van press down on your emergency brake one click then start the van. As long as you dont use the emergency brake your running lights should stay off. To permanently dissable them you could try defeeting that switch

It could be a blown fuse. Tail lights and brake/turn are on separate fuses. Apparently there is not a ground problem since brake/turn works OK.

Fuse or 4 way flasher unit there are 2 flashers on for turns one for 4 ways

Check the fuses first. Is sounds like there is a power failure to the light system. There could also be a broken wire to the fuse box.

you should check around the brake pedal it could be a bad sensor or a wire not grounded. it would really help to know the make and model of the car.but you could also check the fuse box to make sure you don't have a blown fuse.

u need to replace flasher can in your vehicle This could happen if flasher had hazzard flasher "on" and could be broken so it will not turn off. (I assume center brake light still works) if so, need new flasher switch in steering colum or find a way to rewire brake lights from brake light switch to rear lights. This is just a guess. Be sure brake light switch is OK.

Brake Lights Don't WorkThe brake lights and turn signals are on a separate circuit of their of their own and thus independent of the tail lights and side marker lights ["running"] lights.There could be several causes for this problem, and without being able to see and troubleshoot the brake light wiring circuit no one can tell you the specific cause.Some of the possible causes include:Brake light switch is not adjusted properly.The fuse for that circuit is "blown" out.A wiring harness connector anywhere in that circuit has become unplugged, or loose.The ground wire or wires for that circuit have become disconnected, or the connection of the ground wires to the vehicle's grounded body sheet metal has been blocked by corrosion.A wire in the circuit has been cut, broken, or pulled loose.The brake light switch has become defective.There are probably a few other causes I have forgotten about.

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