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Have you checked to see if your back lights are not burned out? That could be the problem.

If your bulbs are good then you have a broken set of wires going to the rear lights, (look by where the trailer wiring was installed if so equipped as that's a common area of problem for broken wires. Hope that helps. i had the same problem with my 1985 south wind it had a exposed wire that ran right behind the brake peddle throw the floor Bord they did make the hole big enough so when the pushed the wire throw it striped it so every time i hit the brakes the fuse would blow. and i would have no lights. don't know if this helps you, good luck .

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Q: What could be wrong when there are no brake lights or turn signals in the back but you have running lights and all the front lights work on a 1981 ford f150?
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1999 VW Jetta why are none of my brake lights working but turn signals and reverse lights are?

Could be the brake light switch or fuse.

What fuse controls the brake lights on 2001 Dodge Van all lights and trn signals work except no brake lights when brake pedal is pushed?

It is not necessarily the fuse. It could be the switch on the brake that is not closing the circuit.

1994 Chevy silverado all 3 brake lights and tail lights don't work but signals do?

if the tail lights work but not brake lights then its most likely just a blown fuse or it could be the switch at the top of your brake pedal arm.

What can cause the brake lights not to work but the turn signals do?

Could be a bad wiring harness, disruption of the circuit somewhere between the brake pedal and the brake lights, a bad switch which fails to actuate the brake lights. See sources and related links below for bulb information.

Why do i have No tail lights on 1999 ford f 150 could it be a fuse i have brake lights and turn signals and reverse lights but no tail lights?

Check the fuses first then check the bulbs.

My park lights and turn signals work but your brake kights dont why is this?

it could be that your brake light switch under your dash that sits right on top of your brake pedal has gone out

Chevrolet Silverado Headlight Switch cause the running lights and dash lights not to work but the turn signals and brake lights do?

I found this on my 1997 Silverado and found the connection from the wiring harness to the back OS the switch itself was loose, I could wigle it arouns and make the lights come back on.

Why don't your brake lights work on your Chevy s-10?

You may have blown a fuse. You may have to replace your brake light switch which is located above the brake pedal under the dash. Also it could be your emergency flasher knob if its broken. All of your turn signals and break lights run through it and if the connections on it are off none of the brake lights and turn signals will work.

Hazard lights and brake lights don't work but the turn signals do?

possibly the fuse for brake lights......also could be brake light switch----turn signal switch----broken wiring anywhere in the vehicle---relay not working ---any other item specific to your venicle.

Why won't 1999 Chevy Malibu tail lights work good bulbs good fuses back up lights work and the turn signals work?

It could be the brake light switch (the switch that activates the brake lights when you step on the brake pedal) has gone bad

What could cause my 1989 Mercury Topaz's brake lights to not work when all the bulbs are good?

A defective brake light switch could cause the problem. Also a defective turn signal switch could also. The brake lights work through the turn signals. It cancels the brake light so that the turn signal can work.

1985 dodge ram the tail lights wont work with the lights on both turn signals blink when you turn on the drivers side and there are no brake lights with the lights on what could be the problem?

check your ground wire in the back

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