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Hello, here is a short list OS solutions which i hope may help you.......1 - Engine Management system fault2 - Vacuum leak at the inlet manifold or associated hoses3 - Fuel filter choked4 - Fuel pump faulty5 - Fuel tank vent blocked of fuel pipes restricted

I hope that this help you.

AnswerAssuming you have cruse control.I belive the cruse control is dissengaged by a vacume system that uses switches under the dash to let the system know if the clutch or brake has been pressed. Check to see if there might be a massive air leak when the clutch is pressed. I would think that there would be a vacume leak that you could hear if this was the problem. Does it stall at lower RPM? When cold?
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Q: What could cause a Volvo 740 Turbo to stall after it has warmed up when you push in the clutch and the RPMs are over 2500?
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What can cause a Volvo 740 turbo 1990 to blow the fuel pump fuse?

clogged fuel filter causing back pressure on the pump making it draw too much amperage.

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