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my best friend owns a 92 bravada with a 4.3 vortech v6. he was getting around 6 to 8 miles to the gallon.There were two types of injection systems used for those years. multi-point and center port. his was center port. this is by far the worst injection system ever used, hence its very short production. we found out through diagnostics that the injector was leaking fuel inside the plenum and causing a very dangerous fuel puddle to develop. three cylinders were being starved so the CPU tried to compensate by dumping more fuel. Obviously, this only made it worse. its not difficult to fix, but it could be expensive. the injector alone was almost three hundred dollars. but, this is something you can fix yourself with a few common hand tools and a couple of hours. you only have to remove the upper intake plenum, which is easily accessed, disconnect the feed hoses from the injector, transfer them to the new one, and repeat the steps in reverse. be sure to connect ALL sensors to their rightful places before trying to start the motor. and your good to go!

In the 1996 and up 4.3 they have Central Sequantial Fuel Injection there is no spider assembly and you are able to replace each injector. These injectors have poppets that can leak and cause higher fuel consumption. Leaky fuel pressure regulator.

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Q: What could cause excess fuel consumption on a 1998 Olds Bravada?
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