What countries were involved in the Gulf War?

United states:575,000 troops

Saudi Arabia:52,000 troops (only 20-40,000 took part in the Liberation of Kuwait & Battle of Khafji)

Turkey:50,000 troops (did not take part in any battle) The United Kingdom:43,000 troops Operation Granby Egypt:35,000 troops United Arab Emirates:4,300 troops Oman:6,300 troops

France:14,663 troops Operation Daguet Spain:500 troops Syria:14,500 troops Kuwait:9,900 troops Bangladesh:2,000 troops Pakistan:5,500 troops Canada:2,000 troops Operation FRICTION Niger:500 troops Bahrain:200 troops Czechoslovakia:200 troops

Netherlands: 600 troops

Honduras:150 troops

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The countries involved in the 1990 Gulf war were Iraq, Kurwait and America.