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United states:575,000 troops

Saudi Arabia:52,000 troops (only 20-40,000 took part in the Liberation of Kuwait & Battle of Khafji)

Turkey:50,000 troops (did not take part in any battle) The United Kingdom:43,000 troops Operation Granby Egypt:35,000 troops United Arab Emirates:4,300 troops Oman:6,300 troops

France:14,663 troops Operation Daguet Spain:500 troops Syria:14,500 troops Kuwait:9,900 troops Bangladesh:2,000 troops Pakistan:5,500 troops Canada:2,000 troops Operation FRICTION Niger:500 troops Bahrain:200 troops Czechoslovakia:200 troops

Netherlands: 600 troops

Honduras:150 troops

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The countries involved in the 1990 Gulf war were Iraq, Kurwait and America.


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If the Seychelles were involved in any way, it would have been as a refueling depot, but there is little evidence that Seychelles was militarily or financially involved with the Gulf War.

The united states and about 39 countries faugth in the gulf war.

Canada was not involved with the Iran-War (1980-1988) in the Persian Gulf.

The US was involved in all three Golf Wars.

If any "states' were involved with any "gulf war" they most likely occurred in the Gulf of Mexico during the US Mexican War of 1846-1848.

The countries involved in the Iraq war are: Iran, Australia, Britain, America, and more.

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they got involved in war because the others declared war :)

It was the only military action his party was involved in. Other than the gulf; the Falklands War (1982) has been the only war Britain has been involved since the 1950's.

The major countries involved in the Vietnam War include Japan, France, Vietnam, and the US.

Whitch countries were involved in world war 2 in addition to America and japan?

The Six Day War involved four countries: Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.

* First Indo-Pak war, 1947-49 Countries involved: India vs. Pakistan. * Iran, Guatemala andChile, 1953, 1954, 1973 Countries involved: United-States-backed coups in Iran, Guatemala and Chile. * Lebanese Civil War, 1978, 1982 Countries involved: Israel vs. Lebanon. * Croatian War of Independence, 1991-1992 Countries involved: Croatia vs. Yugoslavia. * Border War, 1995 Countries involved: Ecuador vs. Peru. * Kosovo War, 1999 Countries involved: The countries of NATO vs. Yugoslavia. * Fourth Indo-Pak War (Kargil War), 1999Countries involved: India vs. Pakistan. * Israel-Lebanon War, 2006 Countries involved: Israel vs. Lebanon * IraqWar, 2007 Countries involved: Iraq, Afghanistan, America, and Britain. This is from Priyanka Jasraj =D

there are 12 main countries that were involved in World War 1.

The Revolutionary War The War of 1812 World War I World War II The Korean War The Vietnam War The First Persian Gulf War The Second Persian Gulf War

Iran was only involved in the First Persian Gulf War also known as the Iran-Iraq War and that war was resolved by armistice after a stalemate. Iran was not part of the Second Persian Gulf War (from 1990-1991) or the Third Persian Gulf War (from 2003-2011).

Israel was involved in the Lebanon War. They were also involved in the Arab-Israeli war. Another war they were in was the Persian Gulf war. These all took place in different years though.

Basically every country who was involved in the war. Also many neutral countries were involved in rescue attempts.

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