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what country did the first guitar come from

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What country does the electric guitar come from?

America, fender and Gibson where the founding fathers of it

In what country did the word guitar originate?

in what country did the word guitar orginates form in what country did the word guitar orginates form in what country did the word guitar orginates form

When was Guitar Country created?

Guitar Country was created in 1964.

When was More of That Guitar Country created?

More of That Guitar Country was created in 1965.

Who owns the country guitar on animal crossing wild world?

K.K. Slider owns the country guitar. Somehow, Sahara ended up with the country guitar. You have to give the country guitar back to K.K., who is the rightful owner.

Did the ukulele come first or the guitar?

Guitar, the ukulele is a hawaiian adaption of a small guitar

What country did the electric guitar come from?

America by the company we all know and most love Gibson the ES was the first model.

Where did the electric guitar come from what country or region?

America , look up a man named Adolf Rickenbacker for the whole story

What country was the electric guitar invented in?

The electric guitar was invented in the USA.

Which country is the Gibson electric guitar from?

This guitar is from the United States of America.

Does the guitar come with Guitar Hero 3 for PC?

yes the guitar comes with the PC pack.

When you buy Guitar Hero metallica does it come with the guitar controller?

Well, you can buy Guitar Hero Metallica with or without the guitar!

How does a banjo differ from a guitar?

a banjo is more country - like than a guitar. plus,you can plug in a guitar.

Is there a guitar controller for the Gamecube?

The GameCube, unfortunately, doesn't come with a guitar accessory. The Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii all do come with guitar accessories, however.

What country does the guitar originally come from?

Guitar is indeed from Persia(Iran). After crusades when Muslims took parts of Europe including Spain, a Persian musician brings Tar (a Persian instrument like guitar) to Spain and develops it according to folkloric Spanish songs to be able to play them with TAR and it turned into Guitar. And that's why it is called guiTAR.

Did the guitar originate in Europe?

Yes the guitar was invented in Spain, a European country.

Is there a Guitar Hero 4?

Guitar Hero Aerosmith is technically Guitar Hero 4, given it was the 4th Guitar Hero game to come out.

How or Can you get the guitar with the girl on it in-game in Guitar Hero Aerosmith?

You have to beat Joe Perry in a guitar battle, then buy him in the store and he will come with the guitar.

Where did the first guitar come from?

The worlds first legitimate guitar originated in Spain.

What is the name of a sit down guitar used in country and western music?

I think the type of guitar you are asking about is a 'steel guitar'.

What does country sound like?

Country sounds like lots of guitar

What is a country music guitar called?

I have heard it called a flat top. I think a dobro would be considered a country guitar for sure as well.

what is a sentence using the word guitar?

My sister likes to play the guitar. Many male country singers also play guitar.

What year did Guitar Hero come out?

Guitar Hero 1 came out in November of 2005.

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