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Both were dictators, poor military leaders and they both died during WWII.

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Q: What did Hitler and Mussolini have in common?
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What did Adolf Hitler Benito Mussolini and Joseph Stalin in have in common?

All three were dictators: Germany = Hitler, Italy = Mussolini, Russia = Stalin.

What do Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini have in common?

They were bot dictators.

What did Mussolini Hitler and Stalin all share in common?

they were short

What common trait in the rise to power of Hitler and Mussolini was they both?

Hitler and Mussolini were both thugs, who appealed to the most barbaric and uncivilized elements of their respective nations.

What was the fate of Mussolini and Hitler?

Mussolini and Hitler both died in 1945; Mussolini was executed by Italian partisans, and Hitler committed suicide in his bunker.

What did Hitler and Mussolini have in common in their countries to rise?

They both died and became pussys

Who was older Hitler or Mussolini?

Mussolini was six years older than Hitler.

What does Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini have in common?

what they have in common is is that they were all dictators in one place or another Hitler was responsible of the deaths of 6 million Jews Stalin in my case was the good guy and Mussolini he was just a dictator !

Was Hitler inspired by Mussolini?

Yes. Hitler really admired Mussolini and kept sending him letters and things, but Mussolini didn't really care what Hitler thought of him.

Why did Hitler and Mussolini wish to expand their territory?

why did Hitler and Mussolini want to expand their territories

Who was the worst dictator Hitler Stalin or Mussolini?

In my opinion: Hitler, then Stalin, followed by Mussolini

What did the dictators of world war 2 have in common?

Hitler, Mussolini and France where all Fasists. After Hitler occupied Austria in 36 Mussolini became his ally. They then both agreed to help Franco in the spanish civil war Hitler, Mussolini and France where all Fasists. After Hitler occupied Austria in 36 Mussolini became his ally. They then both agreed to help Franco in the spanish civil war

Who supported Mussolini?

I know that Hitler supported Mussolini.

Was Hitler or Mussolini named after a Mexican revolutionary?


What were the differences between Mussolini and Hitler?

Benito Mussolini was an Italian, Adolf Hitler was an ethnic German.

What is the difference between Hitler and Mussolini?

well, for starters Mussolini was the Italian dictator while Hitler was the German (although Austrian born.) and Mussolini was stricly facist, while Hitler was nazi.

what is a common link between Mussolini and Stalin and Hitler?

They were all fascist leaders during the 1900s.

What do Stalin Mussolini and Hitler have in common?

They were all Fascists, and were all on the same side at one point.

What happened to Hitler and Mussolini?

Hitler committed suicide and Mussolini was hung from a lamp post after trying to escape.

How was Stalin dierent than Hitler and Mussolini?

Hitler & Mussolini were Fascist Dictators, Stalin was a Socialist Dictator.

What was one difference between Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler?

hitler was a powerful public speaker mussolini was not

Did Hitler or Mussolini die first?

Mussolini died first.

How did Mussolini help Hitler?

Common agenda. Fascism and Hitlers ideals mix well. Mussolini became leader of Italy in 1922. Hitler came to power later and so he looked to Mussolini for ideas and also a mentor in formulating his miliary. On 14 June, 1934, Hitler made his first trip to meet Mussolini to discuss "international policy". Mussolini put on a show of his military might to impress Hitler. However, Mussolini did not want Germany to annex Austria and share a common border with Italy. He succeded in this for a few years. Some say that Hitler was inspired to use the stiff-armed "Nazi salute" from observing Mussolini's troops using the Roman salute. On the other hand, Mussolini tried to emulate the German "goose step" march after his visit to Germany in 1937. After 1937, Hitler was in command of his own destiny and did not look to Mussolini for direction or inspiration. In World War 2 Mussolini was just a nuisance - going to war, getting a sound hiding and then asking Hitler for help.

Was Hitler gay with Mussolini?


Contrast paper on Hitler and Mussolini?

Mussolini was a facist while Hitler was a nazi which is more extremist than facism.