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FDR did not know about the specific attack on Pearl Harbor. Nobody did. Japan sailed across the pacific under total radio silence to avoid alerting anybody of the attack before it happened. However, he could have suspected an attack somewhere, because he intentionally provoked the Japanese by cutting their oil supply so that we would have a reason to be involved in Europe. A Japanese attack on home turf would be perfect for rallying support for a war with Germany.

To make a very loose comparison, you can compare it to Bush (with no prior knowledge of it) using 9/11 to declare a War on Terror, which basically gives the President the authority to deploy troops anywhere as long as there is terrorist activity (Iraq). (this does not suggest a conspiracy, those theories are retarded)

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Q: What did President Roosevelt know about Pearl Harbor and when did he know it?
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Did Roosevelt know about the Pearl Harbor attack?

Obviously yes because he was the President.

On Pearl Harbor did the US ever undo the code?

Yes, the code was already broken right before the attack on Pearl Harbor even started. President Roosevelt already knew about the Japanese was going to attack Pearl Harbor, but he didn't know for sure if it was true. Yes, the code was already broken right before the attack on Pearl Harbor even started. President Roosevelt already knew about the Japanese was going to attack Pearl Harbor, but he didn't know for sure if it was true.

Did president Franklin D. Roosevelt know about the attack on pearl harbor?

There are books written about the subject, stating that he did.

Did the US military or President Franklin D. Roosevelt know about the attack on Pearl Harbor?

There are books about the subject that indicated that the US knew.

When was the interment of Japanese-Americans?

It was shortly after the pearl Harbor attack when President Roosevelt signed a law that put that in motion. if you want an exact date i dont know

Did president know about Pearl Harbor attack?

If you mean before it happened, no it doesn't look like he did. After, yes of course.

What are the reasons why Pearl Harbor being bombed?

Pearl Harbor was bombed, because they (germans, Japanese..etc.) did not want the U.S. to continue giving supplies to Great Britain.They also were very upset that our President (Franklin D. Roosevelt) stopped all trading with Japan.As you may see, this would make any country angry...but little did they know, by bombong Pearl Harbor, the war would have an outcome nobody figured would happen....

How was America helping the allies before the Pearl Harbor attack?

We helped other countries by making tanks, guns, and other war supplies needed. Did you know.... while Pearl Harbor was being bombed, the Jap's were in a conference/talk with Franklin Roosevelt?

Did Stalin know of pearl harbor?


Did anyone know about Pearl Harbor?

Their have been many conversations I have heard/seen in books/documentaries that implied President Roosevelt knew that the Japanese were preparing to attack. The only one concession is that they also imply that it was not clear WHERE the attack would take place.

Which president declared World War 2?

The president at the beginning of WWI was Woodrow Wilson. You can remember this by knowing that Woodrow created his "Fourteen Points" during the war as a plan for peace after the war ended. But as we all know, this was not how it turned out.President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Congress declared war on Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Did the president know that japan was going to attack pearl harbor?

yes,they had some resources that the U.S. was going to be attacked,but they didnt know who,so 50/50

What were positive effects of bombing of Pearl Harbor?


Did the Americans know the attack of pearl harbor was coming?


Why do you celebrate Pearl Harbor?

I don't Know, like you.

Did the US know that Pearl Harbor was going to happen?

Yes but only about 10 minutes before the attack and not enough time to let the base of Pearl Harbor know in time.

Did anyone know the attack on Pearl Harbor was coming?


What is the setting of Pearl Harbor?

Hawiia (dont know how to spell it)

How did japan know when to attack pearl harbor?

Naval Intelligence.

What did Pearl Harbor have to with with World War 2 in America?

My god, what dummy doesn't know THIS. It was when the Japanese launched a secret attack on hawaii, aka. PEARL HARBOR.

How did the Japanese know where to attack Pearl Harbor?

japan knew where to attack Pearl Harbor because due to recent research the japanses knew where and when the would attack.

What were the coquseauences of pearl harbor?

i dont know and would like to know thank youu

What time did Franklin D. Roosevelt give the Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation?

The date that Roosevelt gave the speech was December 18, 1941. The time he gave his speech I do not know. Sorry. : )You can listen to his speech on this web site

Did the US president know that pearl harbor was going to happened?

President Roosevelt (FDR) provoked the attack, knew about it in advance and covered up his failure to warn the Hawaiian commanders. FDR needed the attack to sucker Hitler to declare war, since the public and Congress were overwhelmingly against entering the war in Europe. It was his backdoor to war.

Did the President know the Japanese were about to attack Pearl Harbor before it even happened?

No, but this claim has been in place by Roosevelt's detractors since the late 1940's.