What did the Mormons face?

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The Mormons faced a lot of hostile persecution because of their beliefs. They were chased out of several communities, sometimes with little more than the clothes on their own backs. Some were tortured, some murdered and others terrorized. Mobs shot men, women and children. They raped and murdered so many. After all of this, they crossed frozen rivers with children clinging to their skirts. They found refuge in a swamp infested land, which they drained and built a great city, called Nauvoo. But persecution followed them again. They were threatened and their leader, Joseph Smith and his brother were martyred. They were chased out of their beautiful city in the dead of winter, and had to seek refuge a thousand miles away, through mud, sleet, heat and sagebrush. They found refuge in the Rocky Mountains, but their hardship did not end their. They had to raise a new life from the desert, with only the dirt under their feet.

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What kind of persecution did the Mormons face?

Mormons were beaten, tarred and feathered, robbed, kidnapped, and killed. they were forced out of their homes, their cities were burned, and their temples were desecrated.

What 2 things did Mormons face as they made their way to Utah?

Hunger & thirst.

What problems did the Mormons face when they settled at the Great Salt Lake?

Starvation, pestilence, and cold winters.

What problems did the Mormons face in the east of America?

The Mormons faced much discrimination and violence in the east. They were mocked, beaten, robbed, removed from their homes, had legal action against them, and in some cases even killed.

Where did the Mormons?

where did the Mormons what?

What opposition did Mormons face?

doors slamming on your face. African Americans upset with you. accusations of poygamy in your church. led astray from Christianity and formed own church. Jesus visited America. Mormons faced opposition in that they found their own religion, through scripture. they found plates, that were eventually destroyed.

Where do most Mormons live outside the US?

Of the 13,824,854 members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) worldwide, 7,785,947 live outside the United States. That is, 56% of all baptised Mormons live outside the U.S. Nations with quite a few Mormons are: Canada 179,801 Mormons (1% of Mormons are Canadian, 0.5% of Canadians are Mormon) Samoa 69,224 Mormons (0.5% of Mormons, 39% of Samoans) Tonga 55,173 Mormons (0.5% of Mormons, 53% of Tongans) Mexico 1,197,573 Mormons (8.7% of Mormons, 1% of Mexicans) Guatemala 220,296 Mormons (1.6% of Mormons, 1.6% of Guatemalans) El Salvador 105,501 Mormons (0.8% of Mormons, 2% of El Salvadorians) Hondouras 136,408 Mormons (1% of Mormons, 2% of Hondourans) Brazil 1,102,674 Mormons (8% of Mormons, 0.6% of Brazilians) Chile 561,920 Mormons (4% of Mormons, 3.3% of Chileans) Peru 480,816 Mormons (3.5% of Mormons, 1.7% of Peruvians) Philippines 631,885 Mormons (4.6% of Mormons, 0.7% of all Philippinos) UK 186,082 Mormons (1.3% of Mormons, 0.3% of all UK) Australia 126,767 Mormons (0.9% of Mormons, 0.6% of Australians) New Zealand 100,962 Mormons (0.7% of Mormons, 2.4% of all New Zealanders) To compare, the United States has 6,038,907 Mormons. That's 44% of Mormons and 2% of all Americans. But you can find Mormons in nearly every nation of the World! The "Related Link" below has a great population statistics map related to Mormon Church membership.

Did the Mormons like non-Mormons?

Yes, very much so.

What struggles did the Mormons face?

Historically, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) faced a lot of persecution. Several hundred in the eastern United States were beaten, driven from their homes, tarred, feathered, raped, and even killed. The government would not offer any protection and some local governments forced the Mormons out of their jurisdictions - most notably in Missouri where the governor ordered that the Mormons be 'exterminated' and made it legal to kill a Mormon. Mormons were denied seats they were elected to in the US Congress simply on grounds of their religion, federal laws were enacted specifically to target certain Mormon doctrines and practices, the US army was sent to keep a watchful eye over them, and at one point Mormons were temporarily stripped of their fundamental rights as US Citizens. In modern times, Mormons face much less severe struggles. Some Mormons do face mild to moderate persecution, and Mormons are sometimes the victims of hate crimes and targets for vandalism. Mormons often find their sacred beliefs being mocked and are often the subject of misunderstanding or misinformation in the news media and the general public.

What state in the US do Mormons live?

Mormons live in every state. The highest percentage of Mormons is in Utah, and the highest amount of Mormons in in California.

Who are right Mormons or Christians?

Mormons are christians!!!!!

Do the Mormons own Walgreen's?

No we Mormons don't.

Why are all Mormons liars and yet not all liars are Mormons?

This question is based on an incorrect supposition. Not all Mormons are liars; most Mormons are not liars.

Where was the origin of Mormons?

The Mormons originated in Palmyra, NY

How did Mormons and minors get along?

many Mormons are minors

Did the Mormons believe in slavery?

No, Mormons do not believe in slavery.

What was the conflict between Mormons and Christians?

Mormons are Christians.

How far did the Mormons and Homesteaders face the same problems once they had settled in the west?

Both Mormons and homesteaders faced the problem of living far from 'civilized' society. Getting supplies from the east was difficult, so most were forced to live entirely off the land.

Where do Mormons live in canada?

There are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) all over Canada. Mormons don't live in any particular place or clustered together, they live in regular homes in regular neighborhoods. Here is the breakdown of Mormons in each province: Alberta: 78,120 baptized Mormons British Columbia: 29,605 baptized Mormons Manitoba: 4,655 baptized Mormons New Brunswick: 2,930 baptized Mormons Newfoundland: 741 baptized Mormons Northwest Territories: 124 baptized Mormons Nova Scotia: 4,993 baptized Mormons Nunavut: 185,149 baptized Mormons Ontario: 46,452 baptized Mormons Prince Edward Island: 449 baptized Mormons Quebec: 11,137 baptized Mormons Saskatchewan: 5,671 baptized Mormons Yukon Territory: 272 baptized Mormons If you'd like to find and visit a Mormon congregation in Canada, check out the "Related Links" below to find the congregation closest to you.

What state was settled by Mormons in the west?

Utah was settled by Mormons.

When was Trapped by the Mormons created?

Trapped by the Mormons was created in 1922.

Will Mormons go into heaven with their wrong belief's?

mormons belief

What were the Mormons known for?

The extent of this question is vast. Mormons are known for a great many things as they are a peculiar people.Because of their health code known as the Word Of Wisdom, Mormons are generally healthy and have a longer life expectancy than the average.Because of their strong belief in eternal families and the importance of the family unit, the divorce rate for Mormons is significantly lower than average.Because of their understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the knowledge of the purpose of life, where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going after this life, Mormons are known as generally a happy people.Because of the struggles of early pioneers in the face of adversity, Mormons were known to be long suffering and patient.Because of their love of service and acknowledgement that serving one another is the same as serving God, they are known as charitable.Because of their belief in the teachings of Jesus, Mormons are known to be honest.Mormons are know to be industrious.

Why were there so many problems between Mormons and there neighbors?

Because non-Mormons were threatened by their religion and that it was beginning so successfully. Also, because non-Mormons were upset with some on the Mormons beliefs. Then once non-Mormons started fighting, Mormons fought back a little, and then moved because they realized this isn't what they were all about.

Are all the Jonas brothers Mormons?

No. They are some branch of Christianity, but they are not Mormons.