What did the Mormons face?


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The Mormons faced a lot of hostile persecution because of their beliefs. They were chased out of several communities, sometimes with little more than the clothes on their own backs. Some were tortured, some murdered and others terrorized. Mobs shot men, women and children. They raped and murdered so many. After all of this, they crossed frozen rivers with children clinging to their skirts. They found refuge in a swamp infested land, which they drained and built a great city, called Nauvoo. But persecution followed them again. They were threatened and their leader, Joseph Smith and his brother were martyred. They were chased out of their beautiful city in the dead of winter, and had to seek refuge a thousand miles away, through mud, sleet, heat and sagebrush. They found refuge in the Rocky Mountains, but their hardship did not end their. They had to raise a new life from the desert, with only the dirt under their feet.