What do American people eat?

Grits and bacon From the outside; think american, think fast food, burgers and deep-fried chicken. From the inside, city cuisine is a highly charged eclectic mix of world cuisine as rich and as varied as the population, cultures, lifestyles and circumstance. There is no stuffiness, if a mix of epicurial cultures and flavours is good and wholesome, it is right. Rural cuisine borrows heavily from the national influences of the early settlers and is modified and added to by the changing community. Relying heavily on local fresh produce, it is wholesome and good. Unfortunately, family economics can emphasise a reliance on cheap tv/burger bar and processed foods that, although flavoursome and quick, and ok in moderation, they are not good as a staple. And that reliance, more than anything, skews the view the rest of the world has of American Cuisine.