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The "925" mark on Italian jewelry means that the metal is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal.

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Q: What does '925' mean on Italian jewelry?
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What is 925 GNC What does it mean on jewelry?

Q: What is 925 GNC What does it mean on jewelry? Write your answer...

What does 925 NAN mean on jewelry?

what is that 925 nan

What does RGO 925 12K mean on silver jewelry?

What does RGO .925 12k that is imprinted on my ring mean?

What does 925 on jewelry mean?

925 usually means its sterling silver, custume jewelry is usually made of a base metal. The value of costume jewelry is based on condition, manufacturer, and detail/fashion and age. No some costume jewelry is valuable depending on the things mentioned above. Sterling silver is more valuable than just base metal which is a combination of nickle and other common metals but it is much softer than silver. Its hard to compare in a general statement because it depends on the particular piece you are comparing to. Alot of fine jewelry today is made of sterling silver (925) and semi-precious and precious stones and it is not concidered costume. I believe costume is a term used when discribing fashion jewerly. There are also many costume pieces of jewelry that are more expensive then "gold" pieces. I've seen necklaces costing over $25,000. and there not made of "gold". If it isn't gold it's costume and even if it is gold it may be costume. Ask any jeweler. As stated above, value is determined by the same criteria as any other collectible.

What does 925 and made in Italy mean?

On jewelry, "925" indicates that it is made of 92.5% silver.

What does 925 cn mean on jewelry?

Sterling silver

What does the hallmark 925 mean on jewelry?

sterling silver

What does 925 mdj on jewelry mean?

You are going to die if you continue to wear this piece of jewelry. 925 is the silver content, sterling silver.

Italy gold jewelry marked hct 925?

Italian gold jewelry stamped "HCT 925" indicates that the piece is made of gold-plated silver. The "925" means silver no matter what color. "HCT" is the trademark of Floridian jewelry company, Harcourt, Inc.

What does 925 mean on gold jewelry?

925 means 22kt gold or 18 kt gold

What does 925 Italy mean?

925 is a marking for sterling silver , Italy is where it is from and ITAOR Is the designer of the jewelry .

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925 what does it mean on jewelry?

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