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In terms of how we are to treat each other, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity (the 3 Abrahamic religions) are very similar. People are to be treated kindly and with respect, the poor are to be helped. In regards to punishment for crimes or trespasses, they are quite different. Buddhism believes in total non-violence, even for criminals.

In terms of religuos pratice and beliefs, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity are completely different. While the 3 Abrahamic religions believe in a single god that reigns over the realms of Earth, Heaven and Hell, Buddhists do not beleive in any eternal god or eternal afterlife. We believe that there are different realms a person can attain, some good, some not so good in reaction to their actions (karma). Persons will not spend eternity in these realms but will be reborn into a realm fitting their karma (actions).

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Q: What does Islam and Buddhism have in common?
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