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What does Islam and Buddhism have in common?

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In terms of how we are to treat each other, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity (the 3 Abrahamic religions) are very similar. People are to be treated kindly and with respect, the poor are to be helped. In regards to punishment for crimes or trespasses, they are quite different. Buddhism believes in total non-violence, even for criminals.

In terms of religuos pratice and beliefs, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity are completely different. While the 3 Abrahamic religions believe in a single god that reigns over the realms of Earth, Heaven and Hell, Buddhists do not beleive in any eternal god or eternal afterlife. We believe that there are different realms a person can attain, some good, some not so good in reaction to their actions (karma). Persons will not spend eternity in these realms but will be reborn into a realm fitting their karma (actions).

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What do islam and Buddhism have in common?

Islam and Buddhism share many things in common ZenBuddhism and Sufism: an interreligious encounter by M. Massoudi is an excellent article that sheds light on how the theology of Zen and Sufism (a branch of Islam) are similar in their setup

Buddhism marriage compared with Islam marriage?

In Islam, there is arranged marriage. In Buddhism, I am not sure but the traditional ways I believe is also the same because back then, traditional marriage was very common.

Are Islam and Buddhism the same?

No Islam and Buddhism are two fundamentally different religions.

What do Hinduism Islam Judaism Buddhism Christianity and Confucianism have in common?

They are all organized religions.

How are Buddhism Islam and Hinduism alike?

They are no where near alike, The only thing they have in common is a religion.

What religions are common in the south asain realm?

Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, animism and Islam.

Who practices Islam and Buddhism?

I don't think anyone practices both Islam and Buddhism

What is the major religion of south Asia?

Buddhism, although Islam and Hinduism are also quite common.

Most common religion?

#1 Christianity #2 Islam #3 Hinduism #4 Buddhism

What do members of a religious group have in common?

Same religion ( Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism,Hinduism, and Islam

What does atheists Islam and Buddhism have in common?

They are human beings who love, laugh, have families and share the planet together.... If you are talking about what do atheISM, Islam and Buddhism have in common not much. Islam is a set of rules and beliefs structured around a specific narrative and the contention that there is a god. Atheists do not believe in a god of any description.. Some, but not all, Buddhists maitain that Buddhism is a philosophy of life rather than a religion...

What were the most common religions in 1954?

Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism were the three largest. However, Buddhism and Judaism were also rather common.

What religion uses the Koran Islam or Buddhism?


What is relationship of Islam?

Buddhism (:

Major differences between Buddhism and islam?

Islam has Only One God, while Buddhism has numerous deities.

What are the holy books of judaism Buddhism islam?

Judaism: Torah Buddhism: Tipitika (Tripitika) Islam: Koran and Hadith

What are most common religions in Asia?

I think Islam is the most common religions in Asia . 25% in Asia are Muslims. Hinduism and Buddhism are just as common or more.

Is it monotheistic in judaism Hinduism Buddhism Christianity and Islam?

It is monotheistic in Judaism, Christianity, & Islam. Buddhism is polytheistic. Hinduism is pantheistic.

What religion is older Buddhism or Islam?

Buddhism is over 2500 years old, Islam is nearly 1400 years old.

Of these four religions Christianity Islam Buddhism and Hinduism what was the one common factor that helped them to spread the most?


Is mecca part of Buddhism?

Mecca is important in Islam, it has no signifiance in Buddhism

What religion follows Buddhism?


Is Buddhism a combination of Hinduism and Islam?


Is Buddhism important to Christianity and Islam?


Between Buddhism Hinduism Islam Judaism and Christianity what is the oldest to newest?

Hinduism is oldest, followed by Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and then Islam.