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It sounds like there is air in the clutch line somewhere. Bleed the clutch (if possible, some clutches are "self-bleeding" and need to be replaced entirely).

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Q: What does the clutch stay down instead of popping back up?
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Why does your clutch make a popping noise when changing gears?

There is a collar in the front of the transmission ( bellhousing ) that the throw-out bearing slides on when you push the clutch pedal down and let off. It more then likely has a bad were grove cut into it and throw-out bearing is hanging up on it, so it makes a popping noise. You may even have some springs broken in the pressure plate. Need to remove transmission and clutch assy. Be sure to check piolet bearing in the back of crankshaft too.

Is down shifting on a motorcycle bad?

down shifting is not bad at all... as long as your are downshifting properly and not trying to drop more than one gear at a time or dropping a gear, popping the clutch and redlining then, it's fine... when you're slowing down, squeeze the clutch, down shift, and slowly release the clutch... if you just let it go then yes it can be bad

Why won't my clutch pedal come back up after pressing it down?

slave cylinder

How do know the clutch is slipping?

Usually when you are driving down the road and you punch it, your RPM's will jump then go back down. I had this problem in my 1988 S-10 and about 2 weeks later the clutch went.

What is popping?

Popping, commonly used in hip-pop dancing, is when the chest is pumped up and down.

Your jeep makes a clunck noise when you let out the clutch it also comes out of gear sometimes when going down the road.?

The clunk is probably a universal going bad, and the popping out is probably caused by worn sifter bushings

How do you shift down on a 1 down 3 up motorbike?

Shut the throttle. Pull in your clutch. Kick the gear lever down. Let out the clutch. More advanced: Shut the throttle. Pull in your clutch. Kick the gear lever down. Blip the throttle - let out the clutch.

Clutch sticks down when driving once in a while why?

May be clutch cable sticking, clutch lever on the gearbox sticking or the actual friction plate in the clutch sticking on the shaft. the latter would probably mean taking the gearbox out to check. The clutch lever on box is easily oiled but usually the return from a clutch is great enough to pull it back but check anyway.

When the driver pushes the clutch pedal down the clutch disengage from the engine?


What is a clutch arm?

The clutch arm is like a teeter-todder. The clutch arm sits on a pivot point in the transmission bell housing and disengages the clutch by pushing down on the pressure place through a "throw out" bearing when the clutch pedal is pushed down.

What is the popping crackling sound in your throat when lying down?


How do you bleed a slave cylinder on a 1996 ford ranger?

press down on the clutch, keep it pressed down, and have another person loosen the bleeder screw with the clutch depressed, then tighten it back up and release the clutch. Do this several times until you get a steady stream of fluid (with no air in the fluid) and be sure a keep the clutch master cyl. full at all times, because it will lose fluid when you bleed it Note: if the bleeder screw is tore up, you can always loosen the hose where it enters the slave, and do the same process, using the hose inlet instead of the bleeder screw.

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