What does your husband mean if says he sees red flags in you?

You didn't really give much info as to the relationship you and your husband have. He could be joking if you have somewhat of a fiery temper (like waving a red flag in front of a bull.) LOL If you are having difficulties in your marriage he may be telling you he doesn't trust you and can see "red flags" (which means danger) such as you possibly cheating. If you care to elaborate on your situation just post under my post. It means your husband cant communicate well with you, if he cant tell you what the red flags are. Sounds like he's sheepishly is trying to tell you that ways he expected you to be or not to be are not what he thought before he married you. Ask him to be mature about this and tell you exactly what he means. If he chooses not to talk to you then you should Yellow flag him with caution.