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  • USS Nevada BB-36: Refloated Feb 1942, returned to duty after repairs Oct. 1942
  • USS Oklahoma BB-37: Righted by June 1943, declare unsalvagable. Sold for scrap, Dec. 1946; sank under tow to US mainland, May 1947
  • USS Pennsylvania BB-38: Returned to mainland for repairs Dec. 1941, returned to duty April 1942
  • USS Arizona BB-39: Sunk, remains as a tomb to those lost upon her Dec. 7
  • USS Tennessee BB-43: Quick repairs at Pearl Harbor before transfer to Puget Sound for more repairs. Returned to active duty late Feb 1942.
  • USS California BB-44: Refloated in March 1942, transferred to Puget Sound for complete rebuild. Returned to service Jan 1944.
  • USS Maryland BB-46: Still afloat, transferred to Puget Sound for rebuild. Returned to service in Feb 1942.
  • USS West Virginia BB-48: Raised and transferred to Puget Sound in May 1943. Returned to service in July 1944.

USS Utah (BB-31, an obsolete pre-WW1 battleship) is also sometimes counted in the total. It capsized during the assault on Pearl Harbor. Partially righted to clear the shipping lane, it was declared surplus and never refloated. Major portions of the hull still rust on the bottom off Ford Island.

the pearl harbor battlewagons did have their revenge however. at the battle of leyte gulf during the invasion of the Philippines. the west Virginia, the Tennessee, the Maryland, the California and the Pennsylvania all were part of 7th fleet providing fire support to the troops going ashore on leyte. when the jap fleet appeared coming thru the surigao strait, admiral Jesse oldendorf sent them to meet the oncoming foe. the battlewagons helped send the Japanese battleships yamashiro and fuso to the bottom along with the cruiser mogami and the destroyer asagumo.the "wee vee" the west Virginia lead the way firing 96 shells into the Japanese ships making up for the 7 torpedos and 8 bombs she took on dec 7th 1941. the west Virginia the California and the Tennessee were not just put back into service. they were modernised and did not look anything like their pre dec 7th appearance when sent back to the fleet.

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Q: What happened to the Pearl Harbor battleships?
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six battleships were damaged at pearl harbour

How many battleships in the attack of Pearl Harbor were destroyed and what were the names of them?

Two Battleships were destroyed at Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona and the USS Oklahoma.

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The attack on Pearl Harbor was done by aircraft only.

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What ships were not destroyed at Pearl Harbor?

All of the battleships stationed at Pearl Harbor were destroyed. However, The Aircraft Carriers were not destroyed.

What city was the battleship of Pearl Harbor?

None of the American battleships at Pearl Harbor were named after cities; American battleship were named after states.

What is the nickname for the line of battleships parked in pearl harbor?

Battleship Row.

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What happened after Pearl harbor

How many Battleships were sunk at Pearl Harbor?

56 56 56 56

What was the destruction when the Japanese bombed pearl harbor?

Battleships and warplanes were the principle damage.

How many U.S. battleships sank during pearl harbor?

A+ eight

What U.S. battleships sank during the attack on pearl harbor?

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Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii

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None. Pearl was not a shipbuilding port. It was a Fleet base where they were repaired and resupplied.

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The USS Arizona and the USS Oklahoma

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Pearl Harbor got attacked on December,7,1941.

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because the main goal in the bombing of pearl harbor was to hit the aircraft carriers. but they were out at sea. there for the only outcome of pearl harbor was sinking battleships and waking up the sleeping giant that the USA.

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Because America still had some battleships and all their air crafts

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There were 8 battleships that sunk at Pearl Habor

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Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.