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Everything from Baseball players, to salsa, to Pancho Villa. Mexico has had a dramatic impact on the United States and has had one for a long time. When Texas fought for its independence the Tejanos residing in Texas largely sided with Sam Houston and the Anglo-Rebels - the first vice-President of Texas was a Tejano 'Zapata' and also, coming from a nine year old, i have to guess that Mexicans brought piñatas to America?

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Q: What have Mexican brought to the US?
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Why are Mexican soccer teams popular in the US?

Because football was more popular in mexico before it was in the US and they brought it over to the US.

Mexican-american workers brought into the US to provide an agricultural labor supply?


Who conquered Mexico City and brought the US victory in the Mexican American War?

General Winfield Scott.

Whose conquest of Mexico City brought US victory in the Mexican war?

General Winfield Scott.

What kind of influence do you think the Mexican immigrants have brought?

they brought us an ecominic help, because they will work for less then the average wage to help procure our wine fomr our vinyards in califronia.

Government arrangement whereby substantial numbers of Mexican workers were temporarily brought into the US to provide agriculture labor?

Bracero Program

What plants do Mexican jumping beans grow on?

Mexican jumping beans are actually moth eggs. My parents went to Mexico and brought us back some, and a few days later, the hatched into moths!

Who brought Mexican food around?


How did cattle get to America?

Mexican settelers brought them.

How did bell peppers get to the US?

the Mexican pueblo snick moved to the US and brought bell peppers then more people came with it then one came back to Mexico to tell them to send bell peppers to the US because they are nice...........................

What are the positives of the us imperializing Mexico?

More money, land rights and resources for the rich; for the common Mexican and American alike, it never brought any benefits.

If a Mexican man came to the US illegaly as a child with his parents and later married an American citizen will it be easier for him to become a citizen since he was brought here as a minor?

I have more of a comment: I noticed in my research that it seems harder for a person who was brought here as a child when they had no say than for and adult who is here illegally. Why are there more ways for a CAnadian to be here legally than a Mexican national. Especially, ones brought here as children.

Who brought about the mexican war?

President James K. Polk

Name for Mexican workers on the US border?

Mexican workers on the US border

What kind of impact did the Mexican War have on the US?

It gave us the Mexican Cession.

How do you convert Mexican pesos to US dollars?

1 Mexican peso = 0.0817 US dollars

What did Mexican immigrants bring to America?

they have brought apples, oranges, and even carrots.they have also brought tacos enchiladas and quesedillas

What is length of US Mexican border?

US- Mexican border is around 2000miles long

Who was the first Mexican to came to US?

Luis deharo was the first Mexican to come to the us

Describe the events that led to US control over New Mexico and Arizona in 1846?

The Mexican American War which was brought about by Mexico's resistance to the US Annexation of Texas and ended with Mexico's surrender and Cession in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Who was old fuss and feathers whose conquest of Mexico city brought US victory in the Mexican war?

John C. Fremont (#8) No it's Winfield Scott.

Us citizen of Mexican descent is?

A Mexican-American.

Can a Mexican citizen sue a US citizen?

In US Federal court, yes. As can US Americans sue Mexican Americans.

Do Mexican citizens with permanent residency in the US need a Mexican passport or visa to travel to Germany?

Yes, a Mexican who is a permanent US resident would need a Mexican passport and Visa to travel outside of the United States. If he or she were a naturalized US citizen they would need a US passport.

How did the Mexican American War effect slavery?

It brought the debate into the halls of Congress.