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What have Mexican brought to the US?


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Everything from Baseball players, to salsa, to Pancho Villa. Mexico has had a dramatic impact on the United States and has had one for a long time. When Texas fought for its independence the Tejanos residing in Texas largely sided with Sam Houston and the Anglo-Rebels - the first vice-President of Texas was a Tejano 'Zapata' and also, coming from a nine year old, i have to guess that Mexicans brought piñatas to America?


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Because football was more popular in mexico before it was in the US and they brought it over to the US.

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they have brought apples, oranges, and even carrots.they have also brought tacos enchiladas and quesedillas

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I have more of a comment: I noticed in my research that it seems harder for a person who was brought here as a child when they had no say than for and adult who is here illegally. Why are there more ways for a CAnadian to be here legally than a Mexican national. Especially, ones brought here as children.

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