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Could be an ignition coil breaking down at high revs. or the points gap could also be closing at high rev. due to points bouncing..set the dwell at the higher rating Andy

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โˆ™ 2005-12-12 11:43:48
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Q: What if your engine sputters at 2000rpm?
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What is the RPM of C240 engine?

the rpm of a c240 engine is 2000rpm

Truck sputters as I come to a stopWhen cruising there isn't an issueFurthermore after coming to a stop idle engine revivesIt only sputters during last few seconds of deceleration?

Your truck engine sputters probably because your truck's idle is too low.

Why is engine light on and engine sputters?

If this occurs, then it means that there is a problem with you engine. A mechanic can figure out how your engine should be fixed.

What does it mean when a lawn mower engine sputters?

it needs gas

What is wrong when your car sputters at idle and when you rev up engine it sputters then kicks in and fuel comes out tailpipe?

need to check your evap system or you have a blown head

Picture of landrover turbo diesel engine?

how do you get the turbo on the td5 110 to come in below 2000rpm advise please thankyou ross how do you get the turbo on the td5 110 to come in below 2000rpm advise please thankyou ross

When i turn the key the engine sputters but the car does start what is the problem?

there is actually no problem. it sputters because the engine has to start up and it may be the way you place the key inside the ignition. so don't worry because it isn't a big problem

What is normal oil pressure on the jeep 2.5 L engine?

about 20psi at idle (warm) and 40 to 50psi at 2000rpm.

What to do when Lawnmower starts then sputters and stops?

out of gas or engine has problems; advice: consult manufacturer

Engine runs good at first then sputters and dies?

Maybe dirty fuel filter.

What does it mean when your engine sputters and you have white smoke coming from you tail pipes?

White smoke coming from your tail pipe often indicates an issue with your coolant. The smoke comes from burning coolant. The engine sputters and white smoke is likely an issue with the head gasket.

What is it when my car sputters and my rpms go down when making a turn to the right?

check engine mounts

How much horse power does a 1976 stock 390 ford engine with a 2 barrel carburetor have?

you getting about 136 horses at 3400 rpm's and your torq is 292 torqs at 2000rpm's you getting about 136 horses at 3400 rpm's and your torq is 292 torqs at 2000rpm's

Engine bucks and sputters when warmed up?

Had the same problem, try changing the plug wires, it worked for mine

Why does your 2001 Kia Rio engine light is on and it sputters?

There may be an intermittent misfire caused by bad plug wires or a cracked plug

1995 GMC truck sputters when given gas?

Change your fuel filter. If if it only does it when the engine is hot, check for a coolant leak.

Symptoms of a fuel pump gone bad?

There are a few ways you can tell if you have a bad fuel pump. These are is the engine sputters at high speeds, vehicle loses power while accelerating, or the engine will not start.

What is the engine rpm's on a 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS at 50 60 70 mph?

50mph: Approx 2000rpm 60mph approx 2400rpm 70mph Btween 2700-3000rpm

Why does 2000 ford windstar start fine but when starting engine after a short stop engine sputters and feels like it will cut out this lasts about 30seconds?

well it could be a # of things but most likely the timing is off

Check engine light Mitsubishi eclipse?

i have a 1994 eclipse with a 1.8 we replaced the head gasket and timeing belt now it sputters at low rpms an the check engine light is on what could be th problem ?

Check engine light plus 1994 3000GT engine sputters?

I had same problem, but this can be caused by a few different things. its either the PTU, the coil pack or the ECU, more often than not its the ECU!

What could be wrong if the check engine light is on and the car sputters when accelerating while going uphill?

Take it to Auto Zone and have the codes read for free.

What is the dwell on a 350?

I set my 350 olds to 30 at 2000rpm

What is the horsepower for a 1979 ford bronco with a 400m?


Why does your 1990 Honda CRX idle at 2000RPM at startup but drops back to a normal idle once the engine warms up with no other idle issues at any other time?

because your ecu sends more fuel to warm up the engine faster