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Canada had a part in WW2 even though it is not know very well. The Canadians landed on the beaches of Normandy and had many other parts in WW2. They were the only Force that met their D-Day objective.

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Canada played a big role in World War 2

it gave Britain and other allies supplies for war worth millions of dollars and also supplied weapons

Canadian troops fought in the Dieppe Raid, Battle of the Atlantic, Battle of Britain , battles in the south East Asia against the Japanese and in Hong Kong

finally Canada then took part in the D-Day attack on German occupied Europe when they landed in Normandy

and as stated above they were the only force that met their objective

then, another thing this time Canada's efforts were recognised and this helped make the world well aware that Canada was a new influential middle power nation

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Q: What importance did Canada have in World War 2?
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