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What is a good paying job for a 12 year old?


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a good job for a 12 year old would be baby sitting.


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how to get a job online for a 12 year old

It is illegal for a 12-year old to get a paying job in the U.S. However, they can volunteer for a good cause. When they reach 16, they can try to get a paying job.

There are limited good paying jobs for an 18 year old. This is due to the fact good paying jobs are as a result of more education and high level of experience but an 18 year old can only get entry level jobs.

A 15 year old girl will probably not be able to get a good paying job. Babysitting or camp counseling would be on the higher end. You might be able to work in fast food or at a grocery store.

GOOD PAYING JOB ?? - at 17 ?? - DUDE, you need to pay your dues like everyone else. start with a crappy, low paying job and work your way up

Minimum age for a job online is 18 years old

you have to be 13 or older to have a paying job in most states.

H.E.B. Grocery Stores should be a good start.

A good paying job would be maybe in a local business. Stop by and ask if they need help. You can also go to a local church or organization and ask them.

sell candy,wash cars,rake leafs or do a bake sell.

join the military, i retired (never work again) at 22

Im also 11...I babysitt, and at this age, that is a very good job, and I also do lemonade stands. Trust me... its good money

Nowhere you must be sixteen unless you get a work permit.

A 17 year old who lives in Massachusetts may find good paying jobs, including being a server in a restaurant. 17 year olds may also find good jobs as babysitters, because they can decide what they charge.

Its difficult to find a good paying job , but here are some suggestions :Paper route,Cut grass,Wash cars,Clean windowsWalk dogs.

Babysitting is the best job for a twelve year old

12 year old can get a job but why would u wana you need to be freee

She could watch cats for other people while they go on vacation.

I would think that the best paying job for a 14 year old is as an actor. But the field of acting is very unpredictable; some people do very well, but most do not. Of course, it is typical of jobs in general that the better paying ones are harder to get. Otherwise, why would anyone take a lower paying job?

A good paying position for a teenager would be working at a large supermarket chain , childcare , or life guard during the summer.

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