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What is a roller valve spring?

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Roller rocker arm. The rocker are in the head that transfers the camshaft action to the valve. Opens and closes the valves. On a roller rocker, there is a small roller on the lifter end of the rocker arm. Some small gain in performance due to lack of friction. Very small. In a complete engine overhall where everything is done just right to improve performance, each little bit can have a combined affect that does improve the overall performance. Changing the rockers by themselves is not wort the expense.

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How can you tell if my Pontiac 400 has roller rockers?

Take off one of the valve covers, if the rocker has a roller tip on the side which it touches the valve spring then its a roller, if no roller tip is present then its a normal tappet rocker.

What is used to lock a valve spring on a valve?

A valve spring "keeper" or AKA a valve spring "retainer" is used to lock a valve spring to the valve.

What is Valve pocketing?

Valve pocketing is when a valve is hammering the valve seat.mostly due to miss adjusted valve spring/wrong valve spring/to strong of a valve spring or valve stem to short.Makes the valve seat deeper.

What valve spring can be used with a roller cam?

vale springs dependon what lift your cam is . need to know what lift cam it is where can get the correct pounds spring if not can have one BIG HEAD ACHE.

How many positions does a spring offset valve have?

how many positions does a spring offset valve have

How do you remove valve springs?

you need to compress the spring with a valve spring compressor tool, and then remove the valve keepers, and retainer.

What is the purpose of a valve spring in a petrol engine?

The valve spring is the spring that closes the valve in the engine head after the cam lobe or rocker opens it . If the valve didn't close, many things would happen , the main one being the motor would not fire .

Does your 2005 4.8 vortec have a mechanical roller tappet or a hydraulic roller tappet?

That would be a hydraulic roller tappet valve train.

How do you know if your valve spring is brocken?

Your engine will probably missfire and you will not have compression in the cylinder that has the broken valve spring because your valve will stay open.

What is the right spring material quick release valve for steam application?

Spring loaded safety valve.

What tool is used to install valve springs?

A valve spring compressor

How can you know if your Chevy 4.3 V6 is a roller cam engine or not?

pull a valve cover and look for roller rocker arms.

How do you place a roller on a roller handle to paint?

The roller slides onto the handle from the side. Some handles have a nut that pust be unscrewed first, some have a spring that simply slides into the center of the roller.

What is the purpose of the valve spring?

The purpose of the valve spring is to close the valve when the cam has finished pushing it open to allow fuel/air in or exhaust gases out. The spring is held in place at the top of the valve by a split-collet, like 2 halves of a cone, and also sits against the outside of the cylinder head. The spring is compressed when the cam on the cam shaft pushes it down, and as the cam moves away, the spring forces the valve shut again.

Where is the number on a trumpet valve?

its usually somewhere on the part of the valve that encases the spring

What is meant by a valve spring compressor?

A valve spring compressor is used to remove collets in a car. The tool compresses the valve springs in the cylinder head of the car allowing the collets to be removed.

Where can you get a Chrysler tool C4682 for valve spring depress on turbo III 2.2 engine?

KD Tools Valve Spring Compressor 3087

What is a valve spring?

There are valves in the head of the motor. They open to let in air and exhaust out. There is a spring around each one that keeps them closed until the camshaft forces the valve open. Edit: Another way to put it is that the valve spring's job is to close the valve once it's opened by the valve train. The stronger the spring, the quicker it closes the valve and the higher the RPM the engine can operate without 'floating' the valves. The tradeoff is that the stronger the spring, the harder it slams the valve against the seat, reducing each's useful lifetime.

Does the head have to be removed to replace the valve seals?

No the valve seals are between the cam and the head, under the valve spring

What is the main function of the Engine Valve locks?

To retain the valve to the valve spring, could also be called keepers

What causes the Oldsmobile 3.5 to drop its roller rocker?

The Oldsmobile LX5, 3.5L V6 is a (DOHC) dual over head cam, engine. It doesn't have rocker arms, but roller cam followers. The followers itself can fail in the form of a faulty roller, but more likely the hydraulic tappet/slack adjuster that the end of the follower rides on or the valve spring itself is faulty/broken.

What is the purpose of two or more valve springs in aircraft engines?

If only one spring were used on each valve, the valve would surge and bounce because of the natural vibration frequency of the spring.

What type of hanger is used when thermal horizontal movement is a factor?

constant support spring Roller Clevis Trapeze

What causes collapsed valve in a 1990 Volvo 740 GLE?

Broken valve spring

If you have a leaky heart valve should you avoid going on roller coasters?