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What is the difference between 1187 Remington and the Baikal auto shotgun made by Remington?


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2012-02-03 22:25:25
2012-02-03 22:25:25

Baikal isn't made buy Remington; it just has the name stamped on the side. It is made by baikal of russia


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Remington O/U rifle/shotgun combo. 22 mag on the top barel, .410 shotgun on the bottom barrel.

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Baikal guns are being imported by Remington under the 'Spartan' name.

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Did you a mean Remington SPR220? Remington SPR220 is a side-by-side shotgun. You can get a schematic of this fine shotgun from down loading the owners manual from Remington. Kathleen

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Remington now imports the Baikal shotguns under their 'Spartan' brand. Barrels for the "Remington" Spartan SPR-453 are the same as your Baikal.

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On the Baikal/Remington SPR 310 O/U, you simply push the trigger forward to select the top barrel, leave it alone to have the bottom barrel fire first.

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