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You know how when you press on the gas pedal the car goes faster? The throttle is the part of the engine assembly that opens to let more air into the engine and simultaneously sends in more fuel, thereby making the engine put out more power, making the wheels go faster. On injected vehicles an air valve assembly is connected to the throttle mechanism to allow more air when the gas pedal is pushed. At the same time, a throttle position sensor determines how much you have pressed the pedal and the computer, sensing the positon change, causes the injectors to deliver the appropriate amount of fuel into the throttle-body or manifold (depending on the type of injection system).

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Q: What is the fuel throttle?
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Why is there no fuel getting to the throttle body on a 1998 Plymouth voyager?

The fuel does not go to the throttle body it goes to the fuel injectors.

What is the throttle of a car?

A Throttle is the fuel control that controls the mixture of fuel and air and the rate of flow into the engine.

What is meant by the throttle a car?

A throttle is the controls and mechanism that controls the flow of fuel and the fuel/air mixture into the engine. The throttle would be a part of the fuel controls on top of the engine of most cars.

Does throttle body spacer save fuel?

A throttle body spacer can save fuel as well as improve performance. This is done by adjusting the flow of air and fuel as it enters the intake.

How do you replace the fuel injector on a throttle body Nissan 3.0?

how to replace fuel injector throttle body in a 1988 nissan pathfinder 3.

Is there a fuel filter IN the throttle body of a 1990 s-10 4.3L truck?

In the throttle body, no but each fuel injector (there is two of them) has a filter.

Where is a fuel throttle position sensor located on a 2002 Ford Explorer?

the throttle position sensor is mounted on the throttle body of the engine

Why does an engine turn faster as the throttle is opened?

With an open throttle the engine can get more of the fuel-air mixture into it. With more fuel to burn it will run faster.

What is TBI system relating to a vehicle engine?

TBI stands for throttle Body Injection. This is when The fuel injectors are mounted on the throttle body. Some mistake the throttle body for a carburetor So the answer to your question is the fuel system.

What are the major differences between Throttle body fuel injection port fuel injection systems?

Throttle body injection has one injector located in the throttle body that supplies fuel to the intake manifold. This fuel flows to all cylinders just like it does on a vehicle with a carburetor. Port injection uses tubes with poppet valves from a central injector to spray fuel at each intake port rather than the central throttle body.

What is a Chevy tbi?

tbi is Chevy's abbreviation for Throttle Body Injection. In this type of fuel injection system fuel is squirted into the throttle body above the manifold.

What is the difference between a carburetor and throttle body?

A throttle body is fuel injected, A carburetor is not, Fuel injection responds better then a carb. and you have less problems with it. There is no comparison .

What is a Tps throttle switch?

TPS (throttle position Sensor) is a variable potentiometer! Is is connected to the throttle shaft on the throttle body. The ECM/PCM (computer) uses the voltage from the TPS to determine fuel delivery based on the angle of the throttle shaft or valve (driver demand) A loose or broken TPS can cause an unstable idle or intermittent bursts of fuel from the fuel injectors, because the ECM/PCM is fooled into thinking the throttle is moving.

Why does my 95 Honda accord hesitate TO Start and stalls when you press the gas fuel filter air filter spark pluGs wires have been changed and added FUEL CLEANER?

You may have a throttle position sensor going out or possibly the fuel pump. Get some throttle body cleaner and clean the throttle body inside to make sure the throttle blade inside the body is not hanging up and then get a fuel pressure gauge and connect it to the fuel raila nd see what kind of pressure you get when you rev the engine..and see if there is a drop when you open the throttle.

Does a 1997 Geo Metro have a carburetor?

No, it has a throttle body. The throttle unit resembles a carburetor except that there is no fuel bowl, float or metering jets. The fuel is sprayed directly into the throttle bore by an injector. It's actually fuel injection, except the fuel is injected in the module beneath the air cleaner as opposed to each individual cylinder.

Is the throttle body connected to the fuel injector pulses?

A fuel injector pulse is the product of an electrical charge controlled by the ecm to briefly open an injector. If the engine is throttle body injected, you would find the injectors in the throttle body.

What gives gas to the throttle body during startup on a 99 jeep Cherokee?

Gas is not fed through the throttle body on a 1999. The fuel injectors are where the fuel is dispensed.

Where is the fuel pump in 1988 Vandura 2500 with throttle body injection?

in the fuel tank.

Is the 87 caprice classic fuel injected or carburetor?

It is throttle body fuel injected.

How to determine if fuel pump is working on 1988 Pontiac 6000.?

Get a can of throttle body cleaner.....spray throttle body cleaner into the throttle the blade and shoot some into the throttle body. Then try to start the car...if it starts, then you have a fuel delivery problem. Hook a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel rail and just turn the key on and see what pressure you get. If no pressure then it is either your fuel pump OR a clogged fuel filter. You can then put a new fuel filter on, test the pressure again and if still no pressure, you are pretty much looking at the fuel pump. If you get fuel pressure at the fuel rail and it still won't start then you probably have an injector problem.

What are the symptoms when a fuel pump is not working?

if its carbed no fuel will squirt from the jets. if its throttle body no fuel will squirt from the injectors.

In a fuel injection motor does the throttle body have coolant in it?


Where is the fuel regulator on a 1990 caprice?

In the throttle body.

Why would you have to spray starter fluid in the throttle body for car to start up?

Not enough fuel is reaching the throttle body, check your fuel pressure it may be your pump going out.

Were is Throttle positionsensor on 1980 Chevy c10?

GM. did not start using TPS / THROTTLE POSITION SENSORS until they switch to the fuel injection fuel system. Your truck has a carburetor, TPS was not used on that type of fuel system.