What is the largest size rims you can fit on your 2002 Pontiac grand am gt with out having a problem?

I would go 17" but you could probly get 18" but it would be a tite squeze

I have 18's and it is lowered and i didnt have a problem, if you don't want to worry about anything then you should go with the 17's. Either way looks good!!

-----I have 18's and I have not had a single problem, I have not lowered my car yet, but after lowering it up to 2 inches will be no problem either. I would check with a garage if you have, or are planning on lowering your car. But my 18's fit fine and looks way nice with not problems whatsoever.

actually you can put up to 20 inch rims on your car i own a 1996 GT 2.4L its not the height you have to worry about its the width if you put a 20x7in. wheel on your Pontiac that will be just fine and then u wont have to lower it and risk damaging your car if you are gonna drop it then you should just use drop springs w/ the factory struts to maintain proper alignment also make sure you use the right tires like 205/30/zr20's or 215/30/zr20's the 1st #'s are the width the 2nd #'s the height and last is rim dia.