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20-40 lbs

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Q: What is the normal idle oil pressure for a 1992 Taurus 3.0 overhead valve engine?
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What is the normal oil pressure of a mopar 318 cid engine?

normal oil pressure is 48 to 60

What causes oil pressure drop when engine has heated up during drive?

The oil gets thinner. It is normal for the oil pressure to drop after the engine has reached full operating temperature. If you have from 30-40 psi pressure when the engine is hot then that is normal.

What is the normal oil pressure on a GM 305?

The normal oil pressure on a GM 305 engine is between 40 and 60 PSI depending on the model year. High oil pressure is needed to allow for proper circulation through the engine.

What are normal fuel pressure readings for a Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?

It will vary, depending on engine load, but at idle it should be around 30-35PSI. On a light to moderate throttle, it will dip slightly to 25-30 PSI.

What is normal oil pressure for a 454 7.4 liter Chevy engine?

80 lbs

What is the normal oil pressure for a 2000 Chevy 350 engine?

Need to know the year.

What is the normal oil pressure at idle for a 6.0 liter Chevrolet vortec engine?

Around 40

Oil pressure gauge reads zero after starting the engine then in a couple of minutes goes up a little then jumps to normal and stays there?

Oil pressure has to built up. As long as the pressure is normal and the oil level is good. There is no problem.

Why is the oil pressure in your 1989 Chevy S-10 dropping?

It is normal for the oil pressure to drop when the engine is warmed up and at an idle.

Normal oil pressure?

A good rule of thumb is to look for 10 pounds of oil pressure (or more) per 1000 RPM of engine speed. Below that, the engine may not get proper lubrication.

Would a normal combustion engine work on Mars with oxygen injection?

No. The atmospheric pressure is too low. Perhaps an internal combustion engine could be designed to operate on Mars, but it would not be 'normal.'

Why is an oil pressure gauge spiking then back down to normal on a 3800 engine?

Oil pressure gauges are notoriously inacurate. Pressure should be high when the engine is cold, or the accelerator is pressed hard. It's also possible the sensor is damaged.

What is normal blood pressure ?

what is normal blood pressure

What makes your car leak antifreeze the instant you remove radiator cap?

Engine hot - normal Engine cool excessive pressure bad thermostat

Why do engine crankshafts break?

Engine crankshafts usually break when there is too much pressure on them. Some have flaws and may break under normal use.

What is normal oil pressure on a 2002 Chevy S10 V6?

The normal oil pressure on a 2002 Chevy S10 V6 is around 40 PSI. This will vary slightly depending on the temperature of the engine. Hot at idle in drive, 20 psi is also normal.

What is normal oil pressure on the jeep 2.5 L engine?

about 20psi at idle (warm) and 40 to 50psi at 2000rpm.

What is the normal oil pressure reading for a jeep 5.2 engine?

Running at operating temperature around 40 psi.

Normal oil pressure at idol 2000 s10 2.2l?

56 psi at 3000 RPM engine warm

What will you do if the oil pressure gage of my tractor drops below normal?

replace the oil pump or the engine could blow

What is the normal fuel pressure reading for a 1999 Mercury Villager?

It should be 30-35 psi with the engine running.

What is the normal oil pressure for an auto car garbage truck?

40 - 80 psi at idle, depending on what the engine is.

What is the normal engine temperature 1997 buick park avenue 3.8?

My 1992 PA with a 3.8 engine has a a 195 degree thermostat. This causes the normal engine temperature to be about 205 degrees. The pressure cap will keep the fluid from boiling up to about 240 degrees.

What should the oil pressure be at when going 60 mph?

When the engine is cold it will have a higher oil pressure than when it is at full operating temperature. The normal pressure also varies from one make & model vehicle to another. A Ford may not have the same pressure as a Toyota. 40 psi is about normal for most engines.

Why does the oil pressure gauge rise on accelerating then fall to normal after changing gear?

As the engine speed increase so does the speed of the oil pump. the faster the pump turns the higher the pressure becomes. When changing gear the engine speed drops along with the oil pressure.