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What is the origin of carabao grass?



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Source of information: Common names Buffalo grass, carabao grass, sour paspalum (En). Indonesia: jampang pahit (Sundanese), paitan (Javanese), klamaran (Madura). Malaysia: rumput kerbau, rumput ala negri.

Philippines: kulape (Tagalog), kauat-kauat (Visaya), kalo-kawayan (Ilokano). Thailand: ya-nomnon, ya-hep southern). Authors :L.'t Mannetje Origin and geographic distribution Originally from the American tropics, P. conjugatum is naturalized throughout South-East Asia and in many tropical countries of the world. It is abundant in Indonesia, the Philippines and the Pacific Islands. Description A vigorous, creeping perennial with long stolons, rooting at nodes, with culms ascending to erect, 40-80(-100) cm tall, branching, solid, slightly compressed. Leaf-sheath strongly

compressed, usually 30-50 mm long, ciliate on the margins; ligule collar-shaped, about 1 mm long; leaf-blade linear or lanceolate-acuminate, 8-20 cm x 5-12 mm, glabrous to sparsely pubescent. Inflorescence well exerted with two or occasionally three diverging racemes, 7-16 cm long; spikelets solitary, imbricate, flattened ovate, up to 2 mm long, with long hairs on the margins; lower glume absent, upper glume with a fringe of long hairs (1 mm) along its margin. Caryopsis broadly ovoid, plano-convex, about 1 mm

long, dark brown.