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What is the philosophy of non-violence?

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Non-ViolenceThe philosophy of non-violence, more commonly known as pacifism, has many forms. All revolve around the concept that violence cannot improve the world and therefore is illogical and evil. Some religions are pacifistic (such as Buddhism and Jainism) and others have many pacifistic teachings (e.g.: "you shall not kill," from The Bible, amongst many others) but ones that are frequently ignored, for some reason I have never understood. There are also people who believe that violence is wrong or pointless for non-religious reasons. Search for 'pacifism' on Wikipedia and you should find more information.There are also some protests that have been carried out using a non-violent principle. For example, the Black Rights movement in America was based on non-violent protest, which highlighted the oppression they suffered when the news showed images of black protest marchers, including young children, being beaten and shot with water cannons but offering no retaliation. Non-violent protests in the fac of agression tend to provoke vast sympathy and are very effective. Ghandi's work is another excellent example of peaceful protest.
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What was Gandhi's philosophy based on?

Gandhi's philosophy was based on truth, nonviolence, and peace.

Whose teachings inspired kings philosophy of nonviolence?

Spiritual and political leader Mohandas Gandhi inspired Martin Luther King Jr's philosophy of nonviolence.

Whose teachings inspired Martin Luther King Jr's philosophy of nonviolence?

Spiritual and political leader Mohandas Gandhi inspired Martin Luther King Jr's philosophy of nonviolence.

Whose teaching inspired king's philosophy of nonviolence?

Gandhi and Thoreau

What is the relationship between nonviolence and philosophy?

Non-Violence is the Extreme form of Bravery...

What philosophy did Dr Martin Luther King Jr follow in his movement?

Nonviolence. (And Christianity)

How did Henry David Thoreau influence Martin Luther King Jr philosophy of nonviolence?

Oprah believes in nonviolence. So she asked Thoreau to teach MLKJ about it. Thus a revolution!

Dr Martin Luther King Jr preached a philosophy of nonviolence and civil disobedience to support the civil rights movement?


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What is the good sentence for nonviolence?

In school i took a course about nonviolence

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Religious practice of nonviolence?

Wonderful topic, but that isn't a question. What are you asking about nonviolence?

Do you spell nonviolence with a hyphen?

It is acceptable to spell "nonviolence" both with and without a hyphen.

What is the important lesson taught in the movie gandhi?

He pioneered satyagraha. This is defined as resistance to tyranny through mass civil disobedience, a philosophy firmly founded upon ahimsa, or total nonviolence

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What is the doctrine of nonviolence resistance?

what is the answer???

Who did Dr king learn about nonviolence from?

Dr. King learn about nonviolence from Mohandas Gandhi when he went to visit India.

What singer helped popularize folk music and has spent a lifetime promoting nonviolence and humanitarian causes?

In the 1960s Joan Baez started The Institute for the Study of Nonviolence, which is now called the Resource Center for Nonviolence.

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Why did Gandhi believe in nonviolence?


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What man's theory of nonviolence influenced Martin Luther King Jr's life?

Muhatma Gandhi's theory of nonviolence influenced King.

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