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What is the radio wiring diagram for a 1993 F150?


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2005-09-04 22:48:20
2005-09-04 22:48:20

As another poster mentioned, the same ones from a 94 explorer worked but with the Amp you need to hook the dk blue wire on the 8x1 plug into the blue/white wire coming out of your new stereo. Otherwise you get no sound. Its usually labeled remote wire.I would not do this without a harness adapter kit like a stingpro F-5511 or a merta 5511. Save you tons of work for the $10 you spend. Radio 12v lt. green/yellow + radio harness Radio Ground black or black/lt. green - radio harness Radio Ignition yellow/black + radio harness Radio Illumination lt. blue/red (dimmer) + radio harness Factory Amp Turn-on dk. blue + radio harness Power Antenna N/A LF Speaker +/- orange/lt. grn - lt. blue/wht +,- radio harness or amplifier RF Speaker +/- white/lt. grn - dk. green/org +,- radio harness or amplifier LR Speaker +/- pink/lt. green - tan/yellow +,- radio harness or amplifier RR Speaker +/- orange/red - black/white +,- radio harness or amplifier


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You can get a dome light wiring diagram for the F150 from your local Ford dealership. You can also get a diagram at most auto parts or major book stores.

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It is a diagram used to trouble shoot wiring concern on the vehicle. Tells you how and where the wires go.

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