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Probably strut mounts or control arm bushings.

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Q: What is the squeaking noise in the front of your 1997 Plymouth Breeze when going over slight bumps at 35 mpr?
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Why is there squeaking when turning truck or going over bumps?

You need new socks most likely

1997 Plymouth Breeze squeaks in the steering wheel and the car itself squeaks over the front end while driving down the road over bumps. What does it look like I should do?

have the front swaybar links replaced

When driving down the road your car makes a squeaking sound when it hits bumps in the road?

You should check the struts.

What would squeaking noise when turning and when going over bumps?

Your shocks are going out. You may also want to replace the springs as well.

What would make a 2004 Pontiac Sun-fire squeak when you turn right?

Having a bad strut or strut mount can cause squeaking on a turn. Bumps may also be more rough and a slight rattle can come from around the tire when hitting a bump on the bad strut side.

What is the squeaking sound you hear when 1996 passport goes over bumps?

Probably dried out shocks or struts, but it could be bushings in the front steering arms

Is a basektball perfectly round?

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What would cause a squeaking sound when car hits the bumps and when turning steering wheel?

could be struts and or strut brg plate that mounts the strut at the top

Squeaking noise in front end when driving over bumps?

umm it more than likely is your supsension, shocks or possibly even your tires itself GOODLUCK!

Squaking going over bumps?

If your vehicle is squeaking when it goes over bumps, you may need new shocks or struts. The front end of the car wears more quickly than the rear, so the issue usually begins in the front.

What is a rash of raised bumps on your chest back shoulders legs and arms that have pusey heads with a slight itch?

poison ivy

Why does a car make a squeaky noise when you go over bumps?

The squeaking can be coming from the shocks or other suspension parts. It will probably get worse over time and parts may be damaged.

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