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I have a 97 Celica, and finding the correct size nut was a VERY frustrating ordeal. I finally had to go to a Toyota dealership to purchase them (Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace Hardware, even tried KMart, all didn't have the correct size). Didn't matter if I purchased metric nuts or not, Toyota seemed to had made the nuts for there O2 sensors special.

Anyways, the dealership ended up special ordering the for me ($2 a pop). I think they referred to them as self-locking nuts. Anyways, even I installed them, it was a very tight fit...but eventually got them on.

Hope any of this helps. The thread size is metric M8x1. It is not available in most stores. You can buy a machine tap and make your own. An equivalent American size is 5/16-20 UN. It's a very rare size, so don't even bother looking. If you decide to make your own nuts, I suggest you use 300 series stainless steel.

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Q: What is the thread size to the O2 sensor flange nuts of a 1998 Toyota Tacoma?
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It's right hand thread. I just change the timing belt on mine today. I think you should spray on some DW40, It'll help to loose it.

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what size thread is the oil switch sensor in a range rover 1994 4.2 v8

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What is the thread size of oxygen sensor 1993 ford explorer?


What is the thread pitch for the shift knob on an mk3 Toyota Supra?

12 x 1.5

What thread size and length of stud bolts for 4 inches 150RF flange?

You will need 8 bolts with 5/8" diameter, and 3 1/2" in lenght.

Where and how do you install a MAP sensor on a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

The manifold absolute pressure sensor is installed in the intake manifold it is a simple installation thread in thread out.. but it is in various locations on the manifold depending on which engine you have The chilton or haynes manual will show you.

Threads striped on O2 sensor what size thread is on Honda Civic O2 sensor?

m18x1.5 is the threading for Honda civic/del sols, and probably most other o2 sensor bungs

How do you re thread Toyota 4 thread differential feed overlocker?

Use the manual or the colour coded threading guide that is inside the front part of the overlocker. Simply pull down the compartment flap where the 'Toyota' logo is and you should see the small diagram. Followed carefully, it's quite easy to re-thread each looper & needle(s). Hope this helps!

What is the thread size of oxygen sensor on a 2000 rx 300 Lexus?

18 Millimeter, 1.5 Pitch

How do you remove a broken crankshaft sensor that is flush with the bell housing on a 2003 dodge grand caravan?

Using an angle drill, drill a small hole in the sensor. Thread a screw in the hole, and use it to pull the sensor out.

Where is the maf sensor located on a 2001 Celica?

See the thread here on cleaning the MAF sensor for details of its location

What to do when oxygen sensors are too tight?

If the 02 sensors are so tight ,the only way to remove them is by heating the bottom most part of the sensor gently and working back and forth. It may be easier to cut the sensor wires and get a good socket wrench on it. Don't worry if the thread strips as you can re-thread the insert. I take it the sensor is unservicable and that is the reason for replacement.

What is the transmission drain plug size hex key for a 1994 Toyota Camry?

18 mm standard thread.

Where do you find the IAT sensor on a 1993 ford thunderbird 38 L LX?

It's a thread in style IAT sensor , so it has to be threaded into the upper intake manifold somewhere

Size of bolts on a Chevy water pump pulley?

smallblock chevys usually use studs for water pump pulley. the thread size is 5/16" dia. nf (national fine thread) on the water pump flange side and 5/16" course thread on the pulley side of stud. if you use bolts you will need 5/16"NF x 3/4" long.

How do you change knock sensor 1 circuit malfunction for 1995 chev sonoma?

The circuit 1 knock sensor would be located on the lower right side of the engine block (passenger side). You will need to drain the coolant from the radiator and be prepared for the passenger side of the block to drain coolant when the knock sensor is removed. After you disconnect the electrical connection to the knock sensor, the knock sensor simply unthreads from the block counterclockwise. Apply a thread sealant to the threads of the new sensor and install, no need to over tighten, this is a tapered pipe thread.

How do you replace oxygen sensors on 2000 olds silhouette?

The oxygen sensor on a 2000 Silhouette is mounted to the exhaust system. To replace it raise the vehicle and safely secure it. Make sure the engine is cold. The sensor is thread in to the exhaust pipe. Loosen the sensor and unplug it. Replace the sensor.

Is the threading for a harmonic balancer left or right handed on a 92 Toyota pickup?

harmonic balance has left hand thread

How do you install oil pressure sensor on 1994 Oldsmobile 3800 engine?

It is threaded so (I am guessing you have a new one already) hopefully you know where the sensor is located. Just disconnect the old sensor, being careful not to break the retaining clip on plug, and thread the old one out with the proper size wrench, if the new sensor does not have thread sealant on it already you will need to apply a small amount to the threads, and install the new sensor. Be very careful not to over-tighten new sensor so you do not break it!!! It just needs to be tight enough not to leak, plug in the wires again and you should be done.

What does a knock sensor for 1985 ford explorer look like?

You can look up a knock sensor image on the internet. The device consists of a shunt resistor and a thread at one end which allows for it to be threaded into the block.

How do you replace knock sensor 97 Toyota Camry?

Wait until the engine cools down. Put your car in parking position, jack it up. Disconnect the battery. Make sure that it's safe to stay under the car. You can find the sensor the side of engine facing the firewall. The sensor has harness with only one wire connected to it. Disconnect the sensor remove the sensor. One some models the coolant must drained too, I'm not sure which you have. If your sensor is in contact with coolant you will have to put some sealant on the sensor's thread. After that tighten it (I thinkg it's about 42 N*m). Connect the harness, remove the jacks. Connect the battery, have a test drive.

How do you replace a knock sensor for an acura tl 2000?

Disconnect the negative battery cable.Drain the engine coolant into a suitable container.Unplug the sensor connector.Using the proper size socket, loosen and remove the knock sensor.To install:Carefully thread the sensor into the engine block.Tighten the sensor.Attach the sensor connector.Refill the engine coolant.Connect the negative battery cable.

How do you replace heat sensor on a 1998 mailbu?

more information is needed for a precise answer. As in what engine? The 2.4 or 3.1? Also what temp sensor. I can't tell you a location without more info but the sensors are easy to replace depending upon location. Make sure the engine is cool enough to touch. You can either drain the coolant system or swap the sensor real fast. Make sure you use thread sealer on the new sensor. Do NOT use thread tape on sensors. Use a liquid pipe thread sealer. Using tape can and will block the ground between the sensor and engine if use that way. Disconnected the battery, negative side first. Unclip the old sensors wiring connector. Unscrew the sensor turning it counter clockwise. If you have not drained the system and are going to swap it fast. Unthread the sensor just till it starts leaking and get the new sensor ready. With one hand hold the new sensor next to the old one. With the other hand finish turning out the old sensor and quickly turn in the new one. Careful though as to not cross thread it. If you have to turn the new one in with force you may have it cross threaded. Tighten the sensor till it is snug within the block or head. Reconnect the wiring. Add coolant and reconnect battery.

What is the bolt pattern on a 2009 Toyota Camry?

Description: Toyota Camry 2007-2009Bolt Pattern: 5 x 4.50/114.3 Thread Size: 12 x 1.5"Lugs Per Wheel: 5