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It's the Power Steering pump. If it only happens when it's cold it's just a condition related to the oil thickening up. Often a very small bubble of air can get caught inside a power steering pump and it will expand and contract as the pump turns. The condition is quite common and causes no damage other than the annoying sound. If it doesn't bother you, ignore it.

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Q: What is whinning noise when caravan is cold when turning the wheel?
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Whinning sound when turning steering wheel of a 1999 Pontiac Bonneville?

Classic sign of low steering fluid.

Squealing noise in wheel when turning?

A Geo Metro is a front wheel drive vehicle. When a squealing noise occurs when the wheel is turning, it can be an indication of damage to the CV joints.

1994 buick lesabre. noise from wheel when turning wheels left or right hits the limits?

Check your wheel bearings. Mine made a noise when turning right and had to replace the wheel bearings and hubs as they are all one unit on my 92.

Grinding noise from front wheel also clunking noise when turning steering wheel of Renault laguna 2002?

soounds like steering wheel fluid needs to up

What makes a clunking noise when turning?

Wheel bearings or u joints

Whining noise when turning steering wheel?

A whining noise present when turning the steering wheel indicates a faulty power steering pump. As the pump fails, it allows air to enter the system and a distinct whine.

What causes a thumping noise in the front right wheel when turning?


Squeaking noise when turning steering wheel of Renault clio?

cos its a renault

Why does your steering wheel make a noise when turning it?

power steering fluid not filled?

Is it your ball bearing when the car makes a humming noise when turning the wheel to the right or left?

could be your wheel bearings

What is the cause of a humming noise when turning the steering wheel of a Honda Prelude?

Anytime I've ever heard a humming noise when turning the steering wheel on any vehicle,It has always been due to low power steering fluid

What is the noise from on 2006 Hummer h2 front left wheel when driving and turning?

Can be a bad wheel bearing, caliber sticking, u-joint problem, or noise from the tire.

What is causing a squeaking noise at low speed on a front wheel at low speed knowing that the brakes are find and the noise occurs when turning the wheel by hand?

Its Your CV Joint Or Your Wheel Bearing ........... if it is your cv joint you will hear the knocking or clicking sound especially whilst turning corners.xxxx

Why would 2000 Hyundai accent shakes and makes humming noise when turning the wheel to the right?

change your wheel bearing!!

What is loud grating noise when turning steering wheel on vauxhall vectra?

Why should I know?

What does a noisy rear differential on a Mountaineer sound like?

it sounds like a humming or whinning noise, what year is the truck if its from like 01 or up those trucks have a lot of wheel bearinig problems that some one might misdiagnose as a differential noise or it could be chopped tires making the noise.

How do you know your car needs power steering fluid?

Notchy feel when turning the steering wheel Noise from the pump area when wheels are turned Possible stiffness when turning steering wheel.

Loud noise when turning?

If it is a thumping and a front wheel drive car, it is probably one of the axles.

What makes a grinding noise when turning the steering wheel?

A defective CV joint will make a grinding noise when you turn the steering will. A bad strut can also cause a grinding noise.

What is cause of grating noise when turning right sounds like its from the wheel area?

c/v axle is bad if its front wheel drive

What is the noise on 2006 Hummer h2 front left wheel when driving and turning?

Probably a wheel bearing/hub assembly going bad.

What could cause Front end of car making sqeaking noise when turning steering wheel either direction?

A bad bearing can cause can the front end of car to make a squeaking noise when turning steering wheel either direction. It can also be caused by bad suspension.

What causes noise in left rear area when TURNING right in 1997 Nissan Maxima?

Wheel bearing?

Ford expedition noise when turning the stearing wheel?

check power steering pump or belt tension.

When turning steering wheel car makes a groaning noise?

mine needed power steering fluid