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What is wrong when a 1992 Honda Accord is losing coolant but has no leaks or overheating or fumes in exhaust and the thermostat and radiator fan work?


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2005-01-13 10:57:05
2005-01-13 10:57:05

If it had no leaks it would not be loosing coolant. So therefore it does have a leak. It can be leaking in a spot where the coolant burns away before dripping on the ground. Also a blown head gasket is a possibility. Look for coolant in the oil. A heater core can leak. Do you smell coolant inside the car or are the windows fogging up or developing a film. You need to have a pressure test run on the cooling system and find this leak.


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If the electric fans do not turn on by the radiator ...if the thermostat is stuck closed...low coolant level...bad head gasket...clogged radiator...clogged exhaust pipe or catalitic converter..... All can cause overheating.

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Several possibilities - from easiest to most expensive: Faulty or inoperable radiator cooling fan - causing overheating. Faulty thermostat - causing overheating. Water pump failure - causing overheating. Blown head gasket - allowing exhaust gasses to escape into the cooling system and expelling the coolant.

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You should the head gasket. If you go to Autozone, they have a tool that can check for exhaust gas in the coolant which may tell you if you have blown head gasket. Also, check your oil to see if it is milky or if you are blowing white smoke from the exhaust pipes. HTH

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Bad head gasket or... Crack in exhaust port in head. Check exhaust for presence of antifreeze smell or exhaust gas in radiator.

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Is "all new coolant parts" everything? Thermostat is the first thing. Is the cooling fan coming on? New radiator cap? If everything is in fact new, take the cap off and start the car to see if the radiator is being pressurized with exhaust. A bad head gasket, cracked head or block could be the problem. Starting it with the cap off will cause coolant to blow out of the radiator.

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