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Bad or discharged battery, bad ground, dirty connections at the battery, or a bad starter.

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Q: What is wrong with a 92 Honda Accord when the engine turns over but very slowly?
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What would make a 1998 Honda Accord cp check engine light be on?

The 1998 Honda Accord can experience a check engine light for a number of reasons. This light turns on when the ECU reads a malefaction somewhere in the vehicles system. To understand what problem is causing it running a diagnostic test will give a solid verdict.

What is the Firing order Honda Accord 1996 v6?

According to ( about . com and autozone . com ) The 2.7 L - V6 engine in a 1996 Honda Accord is : 1 - 4 - 2 - 5 - 3 - 6 The distributor rotor turns COUNTER-CLOCKWISE The engine cylinders / spark plug locations are numbered : 1----2----3 4----5----6 front of Accord

What does the TCS button on the 2001 Honda Accord V6 do?

Turns the Tranction Control System on or off.

Why does Fan in Honda works priodacaly in your Honda Accord 1998?

it turns off and on depending on how hot or cold you are running its all on your thermostat

What direction does the crankshaft pully bolt come out in a 1998 Honda accord vtec 4 cylinder?

It Turns Counterclockwise

What can cause my 1994 Honda prelude si not to crank but the engine turns over?

If it turns over slowly it can still be the battery or, less likely, the starter. If its turn over is lively it's probably in the electrical system, maybe the computer.

Its a 98 Honda accord 2.3 li 4-cylinder My car won't start but it turns what should i do?

Take it to a mechanic ;-)

Spark plug firing order for 1992 Honda accord?

1-3-4-2 Rotor turns clockwise.

What is the timing order for a 1994 honda accord?

Firing order is 1-3-4-2 rotor turns clockwise.

Your 1986 Honda Accord is idling rough and dies when you turn a corner or stop What could be causing this?

My 1986 Honda Accord Dx just started idling rough and dieing at turns and stops it is a carburated 2.0 witha maunal transmission

What does it mean when the maintenance light button turns on in a 2002 Honda Accord?

Usually it is pre programmed for oil changes and routine maintenance.

What is the brake light on the dash panel of a 1991 Honda Accord indicating when it turns on and off?

it may indicate that the brake fluid is low

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