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The harmonic balancer for the engine may be worn-out or loose, check it out! The noise is likely to come due to the friction.

Blaming the harmonic balancer for this problem is a real reach. The belt is slipping. Tighten the alternator to tighten the belt. There should be less than 1/2 in deflection(amount the belt moves when you push lightly on it) if that doesn't help much, change the belt. Sometimes if they have been slipping for a while, they build up ma glaze on them that will continue to allow them to slip[ and squeal.

Sounds to me like a main or connecting rod bearing seized. If the engine now fails to crank over when you try to start it, it's seized.

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Q: What is wrong with your car if the engine makes a screeching sound and shuts off while you are driving?
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Have engine computer tested

My 206 makes a very loud high pitch screeching noise that stops and starts especially when it is stationary near the radiator.?

electric fan runs of a thermostat shuts off when coolant is cool enought

Ford expedition engine shuts off while driving or stopping Before the engine stops the truck shakes a little before it shuts off When I'm at a stop sign engine shuts off and have to restart why?

Had same problem on my 03. Replaced the fuel and air filter and had plugs replaced. Ran like new after. Dont know which its was but a place to start.

What is wrong if I lose power in my car while driving the radio goes then the engine shuts down?

Usually a sighn of bad alternator.

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First guess would be the pick up coil in the distributor

What does it mean when a 1998 Chevy cavilers engine shuts down when driving wont start back up?

time for a major tune up

When you turn your sterring wheel your engine shuts off?

when the sterring wheel is turned sharply to park, the engine shuts off

My 1991 acura integra's engine shuts off while driving what could the cause of this?

it could be the main assembly relay under the drivers kickpanel

1990 Chrysler fifth ave engine shuts off while driving and the engine is not overheated and no warning lights come on?

fuel pumps about to go out -or more likely your electronic control module is failing.

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What causes a 1998 Pontiac transport to run hot and engine shuts off

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That would be the connecting rod bearings and the crankshaft bearings saying goodbye. You have succeeded in destroying the engine.

Does the neon have a low oil sensor that shuts the engine off?


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