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Q: What kind of 5 speed transmission could you swap into a 1976 Ford F100 with a 1968 Boss Mustang with a 302 and a floor automatic?
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What is a FA transmission?

Floor Automatic

What is a FAT transmission?

FA(T) Floor automatic transmission

What is the difference between Fat and At transmission?

FAT refers to Floor Automatic Transmission while AT means Automatic transmission in case where shift lever is installed at the steering column

Where is the transmission stick located in a 2002 Ford Taurus?

On a 2002 Ford Taurus : You could have the gear shift lever up by the steering wheel or by the floor console for your automatic transmission And , if you mean the automatic transaxle ( transmission ) fluid level dipstick , it is near the firewall between the engine and the brake fluid reservoir in the engine compartment

How hard is it to swap out a 1998 mustang gt auto transmission to a standard?

Very hard. You will need to swap transmissions, drill holes in the floor for the clutch cable and pedal, etc. You're better off trading the car in on one already with an automatic.

Where is the back-up switch in a 1966 ford mustang with automatic transmission?

The back up swith also known as the neutral safety switch is located on the side of the transmission and is activated by the shift rod. :: :: which wire do i hook two it their are two wires coming out of the floor board both black and red and four wires coming from my c4 transmission

Can you make a 1993 Chevy c1500 automatic transmission a manual transmission?

yes, you can make almost any vehicle with an automatic transmission manual, but it is usually not worth the expense, you have to get your hands on the manual transmission then you have to modify the floor for the shifter and put in a clutch & linkage all in all not usually worth it

Can you sWap an automatic for manual transmission?

The short answer is yes. It is an involved process and leads to cutting of the floor to allow for the shifter, but a transmission is a transmission and as long as it will mount to the engine it can be installed. Kinda costly though.

I have a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo LS with an Automatic transmission. I put the key in and it won't start and the floor shift won't move at all. What could be the problem?

Push down the brake pedal then try to start it.

How do you convert a 1972 mustang with automatic to a standard?

it can be done but is not easy. must install a man trans run linkage from steering column to floor and install stick shift.

Is it possible to remove the 4 on the floor out of a 1965 Ford 250 4x4 and put in a c4 or c6?

yes but you will have to change steering column for one with an automatic shifter and have the driveshaft shortened to accomidate the longer transmission you could also use a floor shifter hurst makes a good one

What is a fa?

Floor Automatic