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There were overall strategies and substrategies.

The overall was to put the most military emphasis against Germany. The reason for this was that Germany was by far the most able military power faced by the three major Allied countries. Germany also possessed a potent scientific community and there was fear that Germany might develop super weapons such as atomics, giving them an enormous advantage towards winning the war.This strategy was also in deference to Churchill/Britain, to whom/which America felt obligated culturally.

Otherwise the American strategy was to take the fight to the enemy as quickly as possible. To achieve this, raw American army troops were thrown into combat in north Africa with limited training and thus, mixed results. Deferring the the military ignoramus Churchill, the Americans then got bogged down in indecisive trench style warfare in Italy. The American strategy, as noted above, was to take the fight directly to the enemy quickly and decisively. To do this the Americans wanted to invade France in 1942 if possible and in 1943 at latest. Due to British footdragging the French invasion did not take place until June 1944, nearly a year beyond when it would have achieved the best results. This was not the American strategy in action, but the British who to a great extent had veto power over American stratgy in Europe.

America was better at air combat and flew thousands of aircraft from the factories in America to Britain to begin a major bombing campaign against German industrial and military targets. American efforts here were costly but successful, since the American strategy was to fly daylight sorties which were reasonably accurate, versus the British strategy of night attacks using saturation bombing, largely aimed at civilian targets.

In the Pacific, the USA early planned only to hold the Japanese and prevent further expansion by them. But, when the American Marines fought a brutal and successful stalling action against the Japanese in the Solomon Island area, this strategy turned quickly to an island leapfrogging counter offensive. This process accelerated after the virtual collapse of Japanese offensive power following the American victory at Midway Island.

America excells at supply and logistics so a huge effort was made to supply the Soviets with all sorts of equipment. The most successful part of this supply effort was to provide the Soviets forces with American trucks, tires, boots and food. These four items greatly magnified the Soviets military power at the same time that Germany was running low on motor transport, rubber and fuel.

Part of the American strategy was also to develop the atomic bomb. Basically it was just hoped that this would match the German effort but in the event Germany was passed by the American effort. The German military collapsed before the American atomic program was complete, so Japan was used as a test case for actual military deployment of this weapon.

Overall the American strategy was a great success. The supply of the Soviets enabled them not just to stay in the war but come roaring back in late 1943, ultimately beating the Americans to Berlin and basically winning the war in Europe. The Japanese were defeated by combined arms, a great strength of American military might. Such was the power projected by the American bombing command and naval forces that no USA troops were needed to invade the home islands of incredible statement considering the near suicidal tenacity of most of the Japanese military.

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Q: What military strategies did the US use during World War 2?
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