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He invaded places in Europe. alot of germanys neighbouring countries polland Switzerland France

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Q: What places did Hitler invade in Europe and when?
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Where did Hitler invade?

About half of Europe.

How much of Europe did Hitler invade?

Too much

Why Adolf Hitler want to invade Europe?

Adolf Hitler wanted to invade Europe so that essentially he could take over the world. Once Europe is completely controlled by him he could move out in all directions to conquer the globe.

What countries to Hitler invade?

he really invaded Poland Hungary and other neighboring places but he did not invade the USA

What countries didn't Hitler invade?

The only countries Hitler didn't invade in Europe was Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland, and Turkey. He didn't invade these countries because either he made a treaty with them or the country had no economic or territorial interests.

Why did Hitler invade North Korea?

Hitler did not invade North Korea.

Where did Hitler rule?

In denmark, and a lot of places in Europe

What is the blitzkriey?

it is the military strategy Hitler used to invade the counties of Europe, It meens Lighting War

Why didn't Hitler invade Russia?

Hitler did invade the USSR on 22 June 1941.

Did Hitler invade Mexico?

First, the question is ridiculous because Mexico is in the Americas and Germany is in Europe. Anyone, who knows geography, would realize that Hitler could only invade if his army was shipped across the Ocean.

Was Hitler planning to invade America?

Eventually yes but but he wanted to conquer all of Europe he had Japan attack the US

Why did Hitler want the pact with Russia?

so he could invade western Europe without fear of invasion from the east

Why did allies invade Normandy in 1944?

Think of it more as invading Occupied France - they had to defeat Hitler's control of Europe.

When the allies invaded Europe and began to push Hitler out of France this was called what?

The Allies didn't invade Europe, we came to Europe's aid. When we began the Liberation of France, this was called D day...

The pact shocked the leaders of Europe because it left Hitler free to invade Poland?

Soviet-German NON-Aggression

Where in Europe did Hitler invade world war 2?

First was Poland in 1939 at Warsaw, Poland fell.

Why did Hitler invade England?

Hitler did not invade England during WW2. No one invaded England during WW2.

Did Hitler invade Britain?


Did Hitler invade Germany?


Did Hitler invade Turkey?


Did Hitler invade Australia?


Why did Hitler invade Austria Czechoslovakia Poland and Lithuania?

Hitler invaded these countries because he needed allies, but in general public he said that he was invading these places for German citizens to live.

When did Hitler invade Germany?

Hitler never invaded Germany.

Did Adolph Hitler invade Manchuria?

No, Hitler didnt. Japan did.

What pact shocked the leaders of Europe because it left Hitler free to invade Poland?

Soviet-German Non Aggression Pact