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What positive and negative effects did European imperialism have on Africa?


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there good and there is bad


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What were the positive and negative effects of imperialism in Cuba?

European imperialism provided a safety net, culture, and trade for its people. These were some positive effects of European imperialistic views.

what's positives and negatlves about imperialism effects in british

they liked to help them in agricultural advancesPositive:better infrastructure, increased communication with European countries, exchange of technologyNegative:prejudice, got rid of some Asian culture

There is no positive effects of imperialism.

the positive affect was the fact that they were given new resources to work with

Negative: loss of culture, the country was split up and no longer unified Positive: advanced in technology, medicine, education

The positive effects of the invasion of Iraq was that the people were free of a murderous dictator. The downside is that it inspired the latest murderous dictator.

Imperialism, led to wars between other European nations. Imperialism in Asia became a negative force in that it released its liberal ideas on the homefront in pursuit to influence colonies away.

Positive effects of imperialism in Egypt are the industrialization of the nation and better sanitation and education. Negative effects are the amount of money that had to be paid to the British and that the British brought new disease.

some negative effects were literary rates were low and infant mortality rates were high positives are boosted the european economies added to their power and influence , boundaries were made,gotten new materials ,objects and resources to work with

The primary negative effects of the Columbian Exchange were death, disease, and slavery. Positive effects included the incorporation of European methods of agriculture, and the introduction to the Americas of animals such as horses.

The positive and negative effects are nomnom

The negative effects of imperialism (colonization) is that the indigenous people are often times oppressed and relegated to being second-class citizens.

The positive effects are personal properties. The negative effects are pollution and global warming.

One of the positive effects of British imperialism in India is the widespread use of the English language. It has become the language of commerce and has had a positive effect on the subcontinent.

Well some positive effects of american imperialism was the involvement in the panama. This helped them maintain liberty and establish a democracy. And another was the involvement of puerto rico;which help them from a democratic government a negative effect was the annexation of hawaii illegally;which left the hawaian people not wanting to be under u.s control.

Positive effects- it created jobs, it created wealth, and it produced better living Negative effects- living conditions were bad, workers got seriously injured/killed, cities became crowded, and some countries tried imperialism

The imperialists, for all their faults, imposed peace, brought jobs and sometimes schools and medicine.

what are the positive and negative effects of globalization to hopitality industry?

one positive effect was the spread of ideas, such as firearm technology and the spread of Christianity. However, both of these had some downsides: firearms were used in warfare which inevitably killed many people and the spread of Christianity in japan lead to persecution of followers after the Japanese became suspicious of European motives.

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