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What should be checked if a 1987 Jeep straight six will not shift into 4 wheel drive?


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2006-10-09 00:38:29
2006-10-09 00:38:29

Check the transfer case and the wheel hubs. Use any noises the jeep makes to locate your problem. Keep playing with it, most likely the t-case is out of alignment with the tranny. 87 Cherokees don't have locking hubs. A good place to look is the vacuum-diconnect on the front axle near the passenger side wheel. There will be several(plastic) vacuum lines connected to it that often break/split (especially with a 19 yr old vehicle) that also connect to the back of the transfer case. I don't remember exactly how to check it, but I think even the Haynes manual tells you how. If it is the prob and you use 4wd often, consider an aftermarket mechanical disconnect system or make your own like on this page:(


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Yes but avoid high revs. and better get that drive checked out Not exactly. it puts massive strain on your trans. it might blow up if your not careful.

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You need to have your transfer case checked out by a certified mechanic.

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Depends on what year it is and whether it's straight drive. On my 'straight drive '81 you start with the regular shift lever (the one you shift when driving) in 1st gear and give the vehicle a little gas while trying to move the the transfer case shift lever (the other stick) out of 4 wheel drive and into 2 wheel drive. If you have the old lockout wheel hubs you will also have to turn them to the left til they click.They are only on the front wheels of course.

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possible bent shifting fork in the transfer case, possible electical issues. I'd suggest taking it to a reputable shop to have it checked out.

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